Stick Your STRAIGHT Ass Out! | How Did I Get HERE? | Hard Exciting Gay Spanking Videos

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Adam is definitely one of your favorite guys of all time and it’s not difficult to see why.

A perfect mixture of shy and proud, he always takes his punishment like an absolute trooper.  But he has work to do now because …

This time I have an extra special, painful and humiliating challenge for you and for Adam in “Thrashed In The Saddle” … it’ll get you panting at the screen.

I’m gonna make Adam straddle the punishment bench, pulling those cheeks wide apart, good and tight … and then he’s gonna take a WHOLE LOAD of ass beating.

He doesn’t know it, but the tighter skin across his ass cheeks will make for a MUCH more painful experience … but it’s too late now … no going back … and you’re going to be hard as a ROCK on this journey with Adam as he literally CLINGS to the punishment bench, dealing with it all.

With NOWHERE for Adam to hide, you can immerse yourself in the sight and sound of his lovely ass shaking and his furrowed brow … anticipating each and every stroke.  You’re gonna blow your dirty load over it!!

Luckily for you, I like to take straight guys that are completely new to the fetish.  To break them in.  Then subject them to harder and harder punishment.

I know you enjoy watching them go through the process of offering themselves.  It’s because it’s so UNNATURAL to them that it makes your cock so hard.

While Jonny is “Over The Bench” in this video - his first time in bondage - he’s wondering HOW it got to this point.  How it got the stage where he’s ASS UP, BALLS OUT, about to take the hardest punishment he’s ever received.

I can tell you that getting guys (especially str8 guys) that are not into the fetish to do this kind of thing takes a significant amount of time, energy and patience.

Luckily for you, it’s all packaged here in this shoot … all you have to do is sit back and ENJOY THE SHOW.  And shoot!

We've been hand-spanking, belting, caning, whipping, flogging, paddling, prison-strapping bare asses for nearly ten years.

All our punishment sessions are categorized by implement and severity.  I'm pretty sure we have some punishment videos that are gonna make you cum hard.