You Can Try Begging, James Brings the House Down, A Battle of Wills, Adam - Ass Up

Adam the gym instructor spanked for No Way Out
Adam looks worried and he has every right to be ...

You Can Try Begging

It's difficult to get Ben to beg.  He has an ability to take a lot of corporal punishment and that shows in his films.  But sometimes I like to push him to see whether he will go that extra humiliating distance and beg me to stop, for all of us to enjoy.  The reality is that whether he begs or not, he's gonna get absolutely thrashed.

James Brings the House Down

James is back for a second installment and a much harder punishment.  So many guys I punish try to keep their reactions inside, like they don't want to show them.  But James is different - he screams the place down and it makes for very, very enjoyable viewing.

A Battle of Wills

I like to put my guys in difficult positions, both physically and mentally.  In this video, Ben is trying to withhold the location of my favorite prison strap.  It doesn't seem like he is in a very strong position.  I will spank him until he tells me and then when he does, he's fucked.

Adam - Ass Up

This position is a bit controversial.  Some people like it, some hate it.  I like the way it looks and I like the way the guy can't hide from his punishment, his ass presented and there is no way he can try and tuck it under.  The fact that his cheeks are spread makes for tighter skin across the buttocks and a more challenging session as a result.

Want to see a straight, Russian, ex-military guy spanked, paddled and belted hard?

I'm very proud of hooking Zach in to No Way Out.  He is exactly the kind of guy that gets in touch and I'm like fuck yeah, I'd love to punish that guy and when he sent me through his naked pictures, I couldn't wait to get him round.

Zach struggles with his bare-assed punishment

We had a false start in that he had to cancel our first appointment and I thought 'oh here we go - he's a time-waster.  He's never gonna let me belt his bare ass'.  But I was wrong.  And soon, he was reporting for punishment and I had him right where I wanted him.

Zach is straight, ex-military and commits to taking the punishment I have in store for him.  The performance he gives is ... well, quite tremendous.

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A Popular Question Answered; Rip-Stripping Fun with Ben

A Popular Question Answered

I think of all the questions I get asked about our spanking videos, there are two that stand out.  One is 'what's your best video?' and that question requires me to know more about what you like.  But the other question I get asked a lot is whether any of our videos bring the spankee to tears.  Most of them don't have time to cry, they're too busy screaming.  But there's a few that blub - like Steve and Jeff.

Rip-Stripping Fun with Ben

I love beating Ben's ass.  What I love even more than that is to take my time over it.  There's no rush, is there?  So I start by punishing him over his underwear, get me warmed up, him warmed up and savor that moment when I rip his tight whites off.  Then get down to the business of showing him who's boss.