Pale Ass Turns Cherry Red, Sam Welcomed No Way Out Style, Cracking CP, Chris Tied and Blistered

Jonny is spanked using a paddle for No Way Out Punishment
Jonny's bare ass reacts quickly to punishment ...

Pale Ass Turns Cherry Red

It's nice to see the result of one's work and it's never more true than when spanking Jonny.  He has the kind of very pale, smooth skin that marks really easily - and he hates this kind of punishment with a passion.  Watching him take it is a lot of fun.  See Jonny go through his second, humiliating punishment in 'Jonny Over the Bench'

Sam Welcomed No Way Out Style

I get a lot of messages from guys that want to take hard CP and when I meet one of them. I like to make sure that they aren't gonna forget their session for a while.  In the case of Sam, I thrashed him long and hard.  I've never seen anyone try to get away when he's tied to a bench, but Sam did a pretty good job of it.  See Sam's ordeal in 'Sam - Baptism of Fire'

Cracking CP

Little game in this one where I really wanted to get the belt and the prison strap to be as loud as possible.  I like the different sounds that each stroke makes and I was interested to know if wetting Ben's ass would mean I could get a louder, sharper crack.  It was a lot of fun finding out that I was right.  See the action for yourself in 'Dangerous When Wet'

Chris Tied and Blistered

Chris takes incredibly hard punishment and this film has a prison theme because the thrashing is hard and open-ended.  His ass is completely destroyed, so this is for people that would enjoy an institutional-style thrashing with belts and straps.  See the damage first-hand in 'Chris - Learning the Hard Way'

Persuading the Str8 Guys, Paying the Price of Failure, The Darkest Hour, Rock Hard Punishment

Adam is completely humiliated for you ...

Persuading the Str8 Guys

One of the more frustrating parts of running No Way Out is trying to persuade some of these straight guys that being spanked by another man is acceptable to them.  For lots, it's on the edge.  That's why when the deal is done and they're naked and vulnerable, all those emails and text messages seem worth it.  It's show time.

>> 23 Year-Old Tom - Crime and Punishment (Hard)

Paying the Price of Failure

Seeing as Adam is in fact a gym instructor, I got him to show us what he could do in terms of press-ups, knowing that the punishment for not achieving his goals would mean that he had to make it up to me.  Poor Adam.  He's in for quite  workout.

>> Adam - Failed Press-Up Challenge (Very Hard)

The Darkest Hour

They say that the darkest hour is just before the dawn and in the case of a dungeon where hard CP is the name of the game, these two guys were begging for some relief.  Unfortunately for them, the dawn is delayed until I have used every implement in the place.

>> Hard Dungeon Discipline Part 4 (Very Very Hard)

Rock Hard Punishment

I'm glad to say that Chris has been in touch again and wants to come back and 'take the hardest spanking I've ever dished out'.  When I punish Chris, I really put my back into it because to get the result I need, I need powerful strokes and a lot of them.  He really is a workhorse of No Way Out.

>> Chris - Bath Brush and Belt (Very Very Hard)

Straight Terrified in Bondage, Corporal Punishment Workshop, Pulling Out All the Stops, Perky Jailbird Thrashed

Jack spanked for No Way Out Punishment
Jack - gagged and about to be screaming ...

Straight Terrified in Bondage

Jack has earned my respect because against everything his instinct told him after the first shoot, he had the balls (and he's got some balls on him) to come round and be restrained, in bondage, to get his bare ass spanked even harder.

>> Jack - Gagged and Screaming (Very Hard)

Pulling Out All the Stops

Benjamin came round with a view to doing only one thing - earning money.  I was more than delighted to welcome him to his first spanking and although usually I am cautious about asking the guys to display themselves, I knew Benjamin would just obey - like a big str8 military soldier.

>> Benjamin - Times Are Hard (Hard)

Perky Jailbird Thrashed

Ash is the kind of guy that is difficult to pin down.  Lots of texting, lots of missed appointments.  So, when we finally met, I wanted to make sure that his spanking was nice and drawn out, that he presented his perfect ass for you and received each stroke of punishment with the courage you deserve.  He absolutely hated it, of course!

Corporal Punishment Workshop

Ash is interested in earning some money topping Ben and I am very interested to see what he comes up with.  Having learned how much a spanking can hurt, I expected him to go easy on Ben.  Wrong again.  He really got into it, particularly the crop - attacking Ben's bare cheeks.  I was happy to spur Ash on to harder punishment.

>> Taught to Thrash Bare Ass Harder (Very Very Hard)