Str8 Guy Right Where I Want Him | Daily Training | Taking Richard's Breath Away | Working Hard for the Money

Jed takes a very hard spanking for No Way Out Punishment

Str8 Guy Right Where I Want Him

Jack is literally like Jack the Lad.  He spends his weekends in clubs, out chasing girls and generally getting into trouble.  The problem is that by Monday, he is usually broke.  And that's when he has to contact me in order to be rip-stripped, tied down and spanked with a belt.  And the funny thing is that he's always trying to shy away from it which is why the position is important.  I like to get him tied down, legs spread, he hates full-frontal shots but what he forgets is from behind when he's taking his spanking, we can see everything.  There's nowhere for him to hide.

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Daily Training

A daily spanking routine is tough to follow because obviously the damage from the previous day hasn't had time to heal and is still tender.  But because time was not on my side with Jed, it was important to hold him to a three-day punishment schedule.  The result was a pretty tough series of sessions that got harder and more humiliating as they went along.  I also didn't let him come until the third session, until he had taken everything I was throwing at him.  Even then, it was on my terms when he finally screamed his load all over the floor.

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Taking Richard's Breath Away

Richard can take very hard CP but sometimes I think he just needs to be pushed.  Restraint is key, as is verbal encouragement.  But there's no doubt that this is pretty hard and there are times when he tries to make a noise but I've knocked the breath out of him.  It took some doing to get him to take the prison strap, but I got what I wanted in the end and he got a very bruised / sore ass which I was quite pleased with.  This is high-intensity and limit-pushing spanking.

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Working Hard for the Money

Charlie was coming into town to do another shoot with a different studio when they let him down.  He called me in a panic and pretty much begged me to spank him.  I said that the only way I would do it is if it was pretty hard (harder than it would be for a first session, usually).  He agreed, but I think he might have regretted that decision because I really made him work for his fee.  I know what my customers want and he wasn't leaving with the money until he'd given that to me.  Time to grit your teeth and get on with it!

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Tough, Proud but Taken Down | Getting Str8 Guys to Present | Pump Up The Volume | Building the Tension

Matt is spanked hard with belts and prison straps for No Way Out Punishment

Tough, Proud but Taken Down

Matt is quite a tough guy and a proud guy.  Which makes it more fun to take him down during his punishment sessions.  He can take hard punishment across his bare ass and has done so on many occasions, but for this film, I wanted him to be witness to his own humiliation.  So while I treated his bare ass to a good prison strapping, I set up a mirror and made him watch his own reactions.  Pretty humiliating stuff.  A good customer of mine recently decided it was his favorite film.  It really is hard and dirty.

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Getting Str8 Guys to Present

When I get straight guys round to do videos, I do have to be a little bit careful about what I ask them to do, but I try to do things that are just within their comfort zone but that they would never normally do.  So, for example, with Adam, I thought it would be fun to get him naked and on all fours, up on the table for his punishment.  It was a bit like he was a piece of livestock on show and I think he found it pretty awkward but he took it all for you.  The beating was hard too, and that took his mind off things.

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Pump Up The Volume

Birches / switches really sting like hell.  So, I was really excited to see how Ben handled them, to see if I could get some new and different sounds out of him.  And although this is a short video, the quality and intensity of the birching and, importantly, the volume of his reactions made this a really fun video to make.  Not so fun for Ben.

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Building the Tension

I think the build-up to punishment can really make the actual punishment more exciting.  If I tell a guy that I'm going to spank his bare ass then sometimes it's nice to let him think about that, in bondage, for a good while before I make his fears become a reality.  Certainly, I enjoy sudden and sharp CP that has the guy struggling to understand what is going on, but equally, I like to sometimes let the guy stew in the fear and humiliation.

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Hard From the Very First Stroke | Str8 Guy Kicks Up a Fuss | Here To Help | No Way Out Does OTK

James is spanked very hard with a belt for you at No Way Out Punishment

Hard From the Very First Stroke

I've had quite a few emails this week about the Dungeon Series.  The dungeon series is probably one of our most popular series of videos ever and it's for this reason that it's almost always in the top sellers list.  I think that there is a tendency to see a series such as this (the dungeon series is 5 videos) to assume that the action really only heats up towards videos 4 and 5.  I'd like to assure you that right from the get-go, the action is incredibly hard and exciting.  In many ways, the first video, the first opening strokes with the belt and a huge wooden paddle are probably some of the most challenging moments.

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Str8 Guy Kicks Up a Fuss

I still get a lot of guys approaching me either to do a paid shoot or because they want to explore their need to take hard CP.  Either way, a great attitude and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the footage in the can is what I am looking for.  In the case of James, he really makes me proud because he's not an experienced CP-taker (nor does he really want to be).  He makes a hell of a noise so if you like guys screaming as their bare buttocks are punished then you'll love James.  He's a lot of fun to watch.

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Here To Help

I've had a few emails this week from people wanting to know which video to buy if it is the first time they have bought anything from No Way Out.  I think it depends.  I have to know the type of thing you are looking for in order to answer that question - like the kind of guys you like, preferred implements, severity.  If you give me this information then I will be glad to make some suggestions for you.  My aim is to get you a video that you will watch again and again and again.  There's a guy in Colorado that's watched Jason Takes Revenge so many times that he told me he's glad it's not on a tape, because he'd have worn it out three times over.

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No Way Out Does OTK

Chris has an amazing ability to take hard punishment and his fourth film is certainly no exception.  But whenever he reports to me for punishment, he's always desperate to get spanked over my knee.  It's not something I do very often, but seeing as afterwards he's going to take an absolute thrashing almost purely for my enjoyment, I'm happy to oblige.  But I never said it was going to be easy.  I can still make him scream and shout even when OTK.  Afterwards, I belted him so hard, walking that line where he was just on the edge of what he could take, occasionally screaming out that he can't take any more.  But of course, he did.  Because he's taking it to please me.

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Top-Selling Videos This Week

1 - My Buddy Watches Me Punish Bare Ass Part 2
2 - 18 Year-Old Steve Crime and Punishment
3 - Adam - Failed Press-Up Challenge
4 - Dungeon Discipline - Pushed Too Far
5 - Ben - Scream Fucker!!

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Strapped in for a Day of Hard Discipline | No Way Out - Literally | The Dreaded Bath Brush | Winner of the Best Ass Competition?

No Way Out Punishment brings you very hard spanking videos including dungeon punishment

Strapped in for a Day of Hard Discipline

The great thing about paying for a dungeon for a day is that I can relax and take my time thrashing these two guys - use all the equipment on the walls (and trust me, there's a lot of it).  The relentless punishment extended to five films packed with bare asses being punished with everything from evil wooden paddles to belts and canes.  All I can say is it's a good job that place was sound-proofed.  The guys kicked off big-time.

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No Way Out - Literally

Kirk is a sporty American that I met up with in Miami with the sole intention of beating his bare ass ... hard.  Unusually for me, we pre-agreed a sentence for him which after much negotiation was 50 belt and 25 prison strap, no warm-up and no out.  Once out of his football outfit, I restrained Kirk to a table and then proceeded to convert his blemish-free ass into something similar to a blackened peach.  His trembling and pulling on the restraints really made my cock hard.

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The Dreaded Bath Brush

Anyone lucky (or unlucky enough) to experience a bath brush across their bare ass will know that quite simply, it hurts like fuck.  Spare a thought for Chris who takes the dreaded thing in three humiliating positions.  Using it is so much fun because with its long handle and absolutely no give, the pain is something like a hot iron on bare cheeks.  Love wielding this thing.

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Winner of the Best Ass Competition

I try my best not to pant like a dog when I have str8 guys stripping off in front of me.  But in Brad's case that's extra difficult because his body is like something you might find in a square in Florence.  It looks as if its chiseled from marble.  And his muscular but shapely buttocks are as close to perfection as I can imagine.  I can't believe I get to punish him for you.  It's a considerable honor and an even bigger pleasure to get stuck into training him.

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Soldier Takes a Beating | Genuinely Terrified | Marathon Thrashing Session | Gritting His Teeth and Getting the Job Done

John Irish Takes a very hard spanking for his first No Way Out session

Soldier Takes a Beating

This ex-army Irish guy came round because he thought he'd make some easy money by taking a belting.  Usually, when it's a guy's first time, I build them up a bit,  But in John Irish's case, I decided that I was going to ramp it up and just see if he took it.  So, for a guy that has his ass spanked for the first time, this is really tough.  I think he was genuinely shocked, but he didn't like to complain - maybe he was too proud - so I took advantage of that and put it to him ... hard.

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Genuinely Terrified

I'll be honest - I think great punishment videos have a combination of pain and humiliation.  If you agree then you should check out Jack's second video.  This is a straight guy who is gagged and put over a bench where his underwear is literally ripped off and his bare ass belted.  Jack absolutely hates getting spanked and so he screams the whole way through.  Loads of facial reactions to enjoy.

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Marathon Thrashing Session

Jacob was in town for a business trip and had an extra day.  So, rather than planning three separate sessions where they got increasingly intense, I planned a day of punishment for him that lasted hours.  Three back-to-back sections that included spanking, belting, prison strapping, caning.  My goal was to get the most out of him before his ass was done.  Three films and the final caning is awesome.

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Gritting His Teeth and Getting the Job Done

Paul is a great guy to work with because he has a fantastic body and a "can-do" attitude.  Within reason, he will take whatever I throw at him.  He just wants to get the job done.  He's done two videos for us and recently sent me some pictures of his latest physique (from the gym).  He is in even better shape now and so I would love to get him round and belt him harder - push him further.  It's what we do best.

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Making Each Stroke Count | No-One Can Hear You Scream | Great Qualities in a Good CP Sub | Your Girlfriend Will Never See This

Will takes a hard spanking across his bare ass for the first time at No Way Out Punishment

Making Each Stroke Count

My aim is to bring you really exciting spanking videos.  Videos that you watch again and again and that feature powerful strokes, real reactions and sessions of a decent length.  During this session, I really wanted to make the belt crack, as if the sound is bouncing off the walls and the sound fills the room.  To do this, I sprayed water on Ben's ass and it really made each stroke count,.  It really made him roar.  I loved it and I think you will too. (Movie: Dangerous When Wet)

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No-One Can Hear You Scream

I don't think there are enough long prison strapping sessions available online.  Sessions that show what real, hard punishment is.  It involves restraint.  It doesn't involve any kind of warm-up.  Officially, it should involve a pre-agreed sentence, but in this case, that seems to have gone out the window.  And with it, any hope that the prisoner is going to get off lightly.  Time to buckle in for one hell of an ass beating.  (Movie: Belmarks Prison Hardest Cold Start)

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Great Qualities in a Good CP Sub

Jed recently contacted me from Australia where he still looks back fondly on the days we spent training him up.  He stood up to the challenge really well, his ass was bruised but he still kept coming back like a good CP sub.  He was full of respect, never complained once and did everything he could to take the beatings that he knew, deep down inside, he needed. (Movie: Jed - Three Days of Hard Punishment)

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Your Girlfriend Will Never See This

It is amazing what a straight guy will do for money.  It's almost like he doesn't really realize what's going on until he's gritting his teeth and taking his punishment and by then, he's too proud to admit that it hurts like hell. Watching them go through the psychological journey from tough straight man to guy presenting his bare ass for all the world to drool over is part of the fun.  (Movie: Will Takes It Hard for No Way Out)

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This Makes Me Punish Extra Hard | Why Restraint is Important | Breaking the New Guy In ... Hard | Brad - First Time Spanked

No Way Out specializes in very hard gay spanking videos

This Makes Me Punish Extra Hard

As well as doing CP, I enjoy watching it.  I have a mate who wanted to watch me beat bare ass and so he came round, had a beer and did just that.  It was a great afternoon.  Not for Ben, though.  My mate even had a go with a paddle.  I think I beat harder when I have someone watching me, spurring me on.  Haha.

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Why Restraint is Important

Restraint is important because I like guys to be in position when I punish them.  Videos where bare asses move around a lot, squirming, might be for some people, but for me, I like an ass presented well, restrained, usually legs spread.

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Breaking the New Guy In ... Hard

Sometimes I get a guy that comes along that has experience of taking hard punishment and just needs me to put him through the mill, find and test his limits.  It's a lot of fun.  He took a real fucking leathering.  The bench kept jumping towards the window, I had to hold it in place with my foot to get the strokes I wanted in.  All in a day's work!

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Brad - First Time Spanked

When Brad got in touch, I thought he was too good to be true.  When he stripped off for his first ever spanking, I thought I was dreaming.  He needed to bring it in terms of his ability.  And I was going to help him get there.

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Prepare to be Turned On | What Do You Think of Ash? | How an Athlete Deals With CP | Dad Thrashed Him Gooood

James takes a hard spanking for No Way Out Punishment

Watching James being Spanked Will Turn You On.  Big Time.

I was chatting with a customer the other day and he was telling me how much he enjoyed James's reactions to his punishment.  They're big, bold and hugely entertaining.  Luckily, James came back, too.  I think he was even louder the second time around.  He takes his medicine though.  Works through it, despite how much he hates it.  Good little soldier.

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Ash Can Top and Sub

Ash got in touch with me last week.  He's keen to do another shoot where he tops another guy.  He's pretty much still against taking a spanking, despite his car thief video and his fantastic, bouncing ass, being one of our more popular videos.  I wonder how much he would need to be paid to do it.  I get the feeling he would top Ben again for very little indeed.  Probably just buy him a beer and he'd be happy.

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How An Athlete Steps Up to Take Corporal Punishment

Brad is not at all keen on the idea of taking a beating across his (perfectly formed) bare ass.  But he is a trained athlete and as a result, he understands that sometimes you have to just bite down and take it.  In his third video, I am carrying out a pre-agreed punishment on behalf of one of our viewers.  Means that I can ask him to do stuff I wouldn't dare to ask him myself.  Happy days ...

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Dad Thrashed Him Gooood

When an eighteen-year-old guy called Steve agreed to take a spanking for No Way Out, it was safe to assume that he would have limits and they may not be that high.  But there are two pieces of information Steve didn't mention during his casting call.  One was that his father used to belt him in the garage.  He'd literally been training him up to take it for years.  And secondly, he didn't mention that he had one of the nicest bubble butts I'd ever seen.  We're talking a dream come true for me and for you.  Just a case of starting where he left off!

You Are Gonna Love Will's Muscular Str8 Ass | This is Why You'll Watch Our Videos Again and Again | Yeah It Hurts - But This is Just the Warm-Up | The Weight of This Strap Will Make Your (and Their) Knees Wobble

Will is going to take a hard spanking across his bare ass

You Are Gonna Love Will's Muscular Str8 Ass

I get a lot of responses to my adverts looking for guys to take a bit of punishment.  For most of them, they don't really understand the fetish and so to them, it's sometimes not such a massive deal - just something they need to do.  Sometimes the guys are very 'straight'.  Will, a builder, came round and he was a really nice guy which is just as well.  There's always a small voice that says in the back of my head that he's going to change his mind.  Luckily, for you, they never do.  They are just thinking about the money as they strip off and show us what their girlfriends only ever see.  And then do something that I'm sure they never want anyone to see.

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This is Why You'll Watch Our Videos Again and Again

Sometimes people ask me why they should buy our videos.  To me, the answer is simple.  WE provide the best punishment.  But how?  Like, what makes our videos more exciting?  Well, my view is that through the videos, the characters of the guys that are being trained shines through.  I take my time, coach them.  Train them to take their punishment.  And that's what makes CP and punishment so exciting.  And when it comes to an experienced trainee like Ben, I'll make sure you get value for money with each and every stroke.  Each one making a difference to your experience.

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Yeah It Hurts - But This is Just the Warm-Up

Because I often deal with new guys, I have to be careful that their session matches their experience.  I like to take my time and to relish the journey from cocky, smiley youth to a guy in bondage, over a bench, his underwear roughly ripped from him, his balls swinging with each stroke of the belt.  A good example is Jack's journey - from somewhat over-familiar str8 guy that kind of pissed me off.  He regretted it in his second video when his bare ass was mine.  You can smell the fear on him, haha.

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The Weight of This Strap Will Make Your (and Their) Knees Wobble

When I bought this new Canadian strap, I was so excited that every day, I'd track it online.  It was coming from America - and each time I got an update of its location, I'd send the details to Ben.  I liked the idea that it was making its way thousands of miles and its journey would only be complete when it cracked down hard - and I mean really hard - across Ben's bare ass.  Not just once but again and again and again until I was completely satisfied.  If you like the Canadian Prison strap then you are gonna love seeing Ben suffer under it.

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How To Keep Hold of Your Pride When Your Bare Ass is on the Line | A Nasty Surprise for Ben | It's Way Worse Than Prison | Str8 Guy Needs Hard Training

Ben is going to take a very hard spanking for No Way Out Punishment
How long do you think these will stay on for?

How To Keep Hold of Your Pride When Your Bare Ass is on the Line

It's not easy to do.  Imagine putting yourself in the position of one of my str8 guys that has never taken a belt.  You are expected to come round, strip off in front of the camera, bend over and take a series punishments across your bare ass?  It's hard to imagine how you would keep your dignity, especially when I like to take my time and reveal the destruction of that dignity on camera.  All the bare-assed teeth-clenching humiliation of it.

A Nasty Surprise for Ben

Good spanking or Corporal Punishment videos are about the power play between top and sub.  Believe it or not, the top doesn't always have all the power.  That's because the sub can deliberately avoid giving the top what he wants and so he has to fight for it.  One way to bring out the best in a session is to keep the sub guessing.  That's why sometimes I like to beat Ben's ass while he still has the dignity that his underwear offers.  I know that he knows the worst is yet to come - and what makes it really exciting is ... he doesn't know when.

It's Way Worse Than Prison

If you'd asked me how a str8 kickboxer, recently released from prison, squared up to hard punishment, I would have probably guessed differently to Ash.  The joyous thing about his performance is that it is a fantastic illustration of a guy realizing that he has bitten off way more than he can chew.  His general cockiness is quickly replaced with a general fear and respect for the belt which he says is way worse than anything he suffered at the hands of the guards.  And that ass bouncing is truly a thing of beauty.

Str8 Guy Needs Hard Training

Occasionally, I am contacted by someone that says that they have experience of taking a spanking and can take it really hard.  If they have experience with another studio then it's likely their experience of spanking extends to going over the knee and lightly spanked for not completing their homework.  I fantasize about taking their word at face value and tying them down to a bench, prison strapping their bare ass for about an hour.  But back in the real world, I am left with the likes of Tom - a very handsome guy but someone that is not well suited to CP.  It will be fun finding his limits though.  Wipe that smug grin right off.

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Why This Position Works for Maximum Punishment | Chris Under Pressure - I Will Break Him | This Proves I'm All Heart, Right? | What Every Trainee Should Be Willing To Do

Ben is getting spanked hard for No Way Out Punishment

Why This Position Works for Maximum Punishment

I'm right-handed and therefore, I guess it's expected that I spank guy's bare asses with my right hand.  But I do aim to distribute the thrashing well and that can be difficult when punishing from just one side as in my case, the guy's right buttock takes a real hammering with the belt.  I wanted to thrash Ben in a position where I could train his ass completely - with both butt cheeks taking a pounding.  And so the position in 'Pleasure and Pain' was born.

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Chris Under Pressure - I Will Break Him

Chris is great fun to train because he is conflicted.  What I mean is he desperately needs to be spanked hard but doesn't actually understand how or why he can take it.  It's interesting how some guys are wired this way - their sessions are usually followed by an endorphin rush as if they've just run a marathon.  It's great fun to spank a guy right through his limit while he's trying to figure out whether he can take it or not.  It's training right on the edge.  With the right encouragement, Chris always gets through it and makes me proud.

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This Proves I'm All Heart, Right?

Often, guys will ask me if they can be in a certain position or start off wearing underwear or with a good hand spanking to get them warmed up.  If they are experienced then it's my rules only and they take what's coming.  But in the case of someone newer, I enjoy getting the most out of them and working with them makes them feel invested in the shoot and therefore, they'll work harder for me in the long run.  One of my favorite requests is for something to bite down on.  It's hot.

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What Every Trainee Should Be Willing To Do

One thing I expect of all my trainees, regardless of their ability, is to be 'willing to present'.  What I don't want to see is a whole lot of squirming and guys tucking their ass under in a hopeless attempt to get away.  What I expect to see is a bare ass which is pushed out and up, one that begs for the belt.  And even if it takes a bit of time after the stroke, I expect the guy to return his ass to that position again for me.  It's all about the enthusiasm to take what's coming - or at least the understanding that what pleases me is paramount - and what pleases me is an ass which begs to be spanked.

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A Trick I Use to Really Make The Belt Crack Across Your Bare Ass | Our Bestselling Video - And Here's Why | What I Tell Str8 Guys To Get Them Over the Bench | Check Out This Additional Humiliating Painful Challenge

A Trick I Use to Really Make The Belt Crack Across Your Bare Ass

Punishment videos should be fun and exciting to watch.  There's nothing more disappointing than a great-looking video that has crappy sound.  You're not gonna get your rocks off to that.  Because of the acoustics of where we film, the action has crisp sound that is true to the severity of the punishment.  But sometimes, when I'm looking to get that extra crack, the type of strokes that fill the room with the sound of leather on skin, I do one thing - the clue's in the title of the video - 'Dangerous When Wet'

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Our Bestselling Video - And Here's Why

If I was to select the key ingredients of a great punishment movie, it would be a good-looking, a young guy with a soft bubble butt, a good pain tolerance, restrained in a great ass-up position and then a good selection of spanking, paddling, belting and caning.  Nice natural reactions, great close-ups, and importantly, a long session that allows you the time to really enjoy it.  Still our favorite movie of all time (and for good reason), Steve Crime and Punishment.  All I can say is YUM.

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What I Tell Str8 Guys To Get Them Over the Bench

Often when I get guys signing up for what we do here, they don't actually have much of an idea of what it is.  They ask things like 'will I be naked?' and 'do I have to show my face?'  the answer to both of these is, of course, HELL YES.  But they also often have questions about where the video will go and why people want to watch it.  To them, there is a genuine interest in what the attraction is.  To us, it's obvious.  I usually tell them that it's a very 'niche' audience, that their girlfriends are unlikely to see them online and the people enjoy watching the films because they like seeing guys challenged, but in a sporty kind of way.  Of course, the reality is that we're all cracking one out over seeing their really nice bare asses thrashed.  Oh well.

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Check Out This Additional Humiliating Painful Challenge

I often wonder why I like giving Ben such a hard time.  I suppose it's a bit like how I enjoy beating someone at tennis.  The best scenario is if they fight back.  No-one likes to win in a kind of walk over.  You want them to put up a bit of a fight.  It's this 'fight' that I enjoy so much in Ben.  The fact that even in his situation, he hates backing down.  Ad then one day I'm thinking about ways in which I can grind him down, along with a firm belting, wouldn't it be fun if I pegged his balls out.  And that's how films like Pegged and Thrashed are made.  You gotta keep him guessing.

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Sam Shows Us What He Can Take | When The Strokes Just Keep Coming | Two Guys Strapped Down For The Day | Fitness Training No Way Out Style

Sam Shows Us What He Can Take

I get a lot of guys that contact me, wanting to know if they can be trained by me.  I'm always very keen to chat to guys about their aspirations and what it is that makes them need to take Corporal Punishment.  Often I get asked what to expect and what I say to people is watch a video of Sam or Jacob which shows their first session.  It gives you a good idea of the kind of bare ass thrashing you're in for.

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When The Strokes Just Keep Coming

One of my bug bears is that punishment is not long enough.  I want to have enough time to really enjoy the punishment, not think about the fact that soon it's going to end.  Often, videos can be fifteen minutes but more than half of that is before and after.  With No Way Out, videos like Ben's Serious Thrashing and Jason Takes Revenge are a good length (30 minutes or more) and they're rammed full with searing punishment.  Plenty of time to get your end away again and again ... and again!

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Two Guys Strapped Down For The Day

It's a shame that 'CPServices' no longer exists.  For those who don't know, it was a dungeon studio in the East of London which you could rent by the hour.  Completely soundproofed and really well equipped.  I'm so glad that when I had the chance, I got two guys together and strapped them down and gave them a really good seeing to.  The day's footage ran to five videos and an unbelievable amount of screaming and shouting.  I really put it to these guys.

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Fitness Training No Way Out Style

Most gym trainers will tell you that lifting weights can often be mind over matter.  It's true that in difficult situations, the human body can achieve great things.  Ben can take a lot of punishment across his bare ass and training him has been one of the joys of my life.  But today I wanted to test him with a Brutal Training Challenge.  Probably never had so much fun in a gym ever.

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Thra$hing For Ca$h | A Teflon Ass | A New Sadist Is Revealed | Doing Time With The Lash

Thra$hing For Ca$h

It can be a bit of a shot in the dark asking a straight guy if he will consider spanking another guy's ass in return for money.  I make a point of never allowing a guy to do it unless he has done his time over the bench, so that he knows how challenging CP can be.  I don't want a guy that is just going to hit like crazy - I want someone that punishes with a good level of consideration.  When you get an athletic guy such as Ash who is intelligent and thoughtful, you have to just hope that he'll say yes.

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A Teflon Ass?

A guy recently asked me if I preferred starting a session with a 'fresh, unmarked' ass and whether I minded.  The answer is yes, particularly if it's not my work.  I like to start with a blank canvas.  In Jed's case, I expected that not to be an option because he signed up for three days of consecutive punishment.  What I didn't expect was that despite a good thrashing every day, he turned up the next with an almost blemish free butt.  I like a challenge, but seriously - this guys has a Teflon ass!  Bring it on ...

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A New Sadist Is Revealed

I've spoken about the hangover horn before and it was the final push that my mate Rich needed.  He'd been on about coming to watch me punish a guy for ages - always saying he would do it and then backing out at the last minute.  But this one morning when Ben was over the bench,  Rich had been out and he called me up, so horny, and said 'i wanna come watch.'  He was literally trembling with excitement when he arrived.

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Doing Time With The Lash

I like my guys to earn my respect (and yours) with their ability to take and more importantly their ability to learn to take.  To submit.  A bit like when you start a relationship and you stay up all night talking, there is usually a session with each guy I train where there was a step change.  Maybe it was a long session with the belt like I did with Jacob in his second video.  Maybe it's the extra effort a guy made to push his ass out and take what's coming.  Regardless, they've earned their place at No Way Out at that moment.

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Tackling a Real-Life Rugby Player | The Effectiveness of Begging | Adam Right Where I Want Him | Spanked Red Raw

The Effectiveness of Begging

If you've watched No Way Out films then you might know that I like real reactions and taunting the guys is not out of the question.  The trick is to seek their submission further than just physically, by getting them to verbally submit to you.  Whether it's with general reactions they don't want to give you the satisfaction of hearing or just some nice begging.  Just not sure how effective it us, other than making my cock really hard.

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Adam Right Where I Want Him

I like to bring you videos which have varied positions.  Variety is the spice of life and getting guys into certain positions and seeing how they cope with it is really fun .. and hot.  In the case of Adam, I didn't waste much time getting him into my favorite position and until then, I wasn't sure what his bare ass would look like.  I wasn't disappointed.

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Spanked Red Raw

No Way Out is a producer of 'spanking' videos, to the extent that 'spanking' encompasses all kids of punishment, with hands and implements alike.  Having said that, we don't do as much 'hand spanking' and over-the-knee as other sites because I prefer the harder stuff.  So when I decided to give Richard a good, hard hand spanking, I wanted to make sure I showed you how hard and long a real 'spanking' can be.  Richard better hold on tight!

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Tackling a Real-Life Rugby Player

Whenever I see photos of rugby players, it's a fantasy of mine to imagine disciplining them.  Part of the fun would be to see how such a 'tough guy' would deal with CP, to have all his control removed.  And also because they might find that they're not as tough as they thought.  Enter Jeff - a real actual rugby player, and it's time to make our dreams come true.

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A Long Day of Challenges for Jacob | Grit Your Teeth and Think About the Money | Strung Up and Flogged | Strict Suited Discipline

Jacob has a log day of very hard spanking to endure

A Long Day of Challenges for Jacob

Jacob is a very brave young man.  He wanted to be trained in a day.  To improve his ability, to earn the 'very very hard' label and generally take an absolute thrashing.  Unlike so meany relationships that take weeks, months or even years to build, this one started with one hell of a bang.

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Grit Your Teeth and Think About the Money

Of course, some guys have an internal need to be punished and thank God they do because it makes my life so much happier - and you certainly don't seem to mind watching.  But sometimes guys are only in it for the money and the frustration, anger and dogged determination is very hot to watch as the spanking rains down on their bare ass.

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Strung Up and Flogged

There's nothing more fun that stringing a guy up, whipping him across his back and ass before ripping him naked and watching him shake with fear as I turn his bare ass several shades of scarlet.  There's something so exposed and humiliating about being strung up which lends itself to a good hard thrashing.

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Strict Suited Discipline

It's funny how what you wear can make a difference to how you act and feel.  When I wear a suit to punish a guy, what little consideration I have for the guy's dignity goes out the window and what you're left with is very strict, no-nonsense punishment which will get your blood pumping.

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Luck Can Be Cruel … but Fun | Payback Time for the Handsome Lady's Man | Does Brad Have What It Takes? | What Real Fear Looks and Sounds Like

Luck Can Be Cruel … but Fun

You seem to enjoy an add element of luck when it comes to punishment sessions.  Sometimes a pack of cards, in this case a dice - determines the number of strokes, making me only the executioner.  The relationship can sometimes change between me and my trainee as a result.  Because the fate of his bare ass is literally in the hands of the Gods.  And as a viewer, it's almost like you're part of the game.

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Payback Time for the Handsome Lady's Man

Most straight guys that sign up for some punishment tend to think that because it's 'gay spanking', it will be easy enough to endure.  If a gay guy can take a thrashing, then surely I can, they think.  It's a lot of fun when they're wrong.  It's my job to make sure they are.  Tom is a good example for you.  He's a pretty confident straight guy, but when confronted with the belt, he soon learns who's in charge.

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Does Brad Have What It Takes?

Brad started out his training in what I would say was a nervous or cautious sort of way.  He took a decent punishment in his first film, but I was really pleasantly surprised when he 'stepped up' to the belt in his second film and took the spanking you all wanted to see.  For his third film, a fan of his suggested the exact punishment and it was fun to see him try to negotiate his way out of it ... and fail.  But did he go the distance?  That's up to you to decide.

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What Real Fear Looks and Sounds Like

The guys we punish at No Way Out are not actors.  I prefer to bring you guys that are 'real' and that are willing to work hard to bring you want.  That's the hot part.  Occasionally, one will ask me - before his session - what he 'should do' during the shoot.  It always makes me smile.  What he should do is get through it and do whatever he needs to do in order to do so.  In Jack's case, the fear he shows is fantastic to watch - a combination of pleading, begging and outright terror.  It almost made me want to remove his gag.  Almost.

The Perfect Muscular Ass in (and out of) His Football Kit | CP Interrogation | Nice Work Dad | Scott Takes It Hard

The Perfect Muscular Ass in (and out of) His Football Kit

For his second video, I asked Brad to bring his football kit.  He has a great body and a great ass and I wanted to show you what he looked like in it.  Of course, he was soon stripped and presented with various physical and spanking-related challenges.  He won't be smiling for long.

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CP Interrogation

CP is a very effective interrogation technique.  It can go on for hours - open-ended - until the information you want is given.  In this case, the information is, unfortunately, the location in the house of a prison strap.  And once Ben gives that information and the strap is found, it's a shame not to take it out for a spin, isn't it?

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Nice Work Dad!

When an eighteen-year-old guy called Steve agrees to take a spanking, it's safe to assume that he will have limits and they may not be that high.  But if his Dad has been training him up for years then actually, it's a dream come true for me and for you.  Just a case of starting where he left off!

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Scott Takes It Hard

You can feel the nerves off this guy.  He channels all his effort into taking the belt across his bare ass when he has no previous experience.  His reactions are a combination of pain, humiliation and sheer determination which is hot as hell.

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A Wake-Up Call for Ben | Predicament CP | Gritty Determination | Wearing My Marks

A Wake-Up Call for Ben

Fans of No Way Out will know that Ben represents one of our most exciting trainees and he has impressed the world with his ability to take astonishingly hard punishment with awesome reactions.  But sometimes I neglect Ben and his ability to take CP decreases.  The advantage is that training him for the first time after such a break can make for an exciting session that will not disappoint.

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Predicament CP

Many of you will know the term 'predicament bondage' which is when a person is restrained with an option of placing themselves in one of a pair of uncomfortable positions.  Predicament bondage has always intrigued me and I thought that combining it with spanking / CP would be exciting for you to watch.  I don't think I was wrong.

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Gritty Determination

For guys that have never taken a spanking before, I try to look for a sort of steely determination to get the job done because inevitably, taking punishment across your bare ass hurts and it hurts like fuck.  Zach is a great example of someone who brought that determination to his debut video.  He just grits his teeth and gets on with it.  Hot as hell if you ask me,

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Wearing My Marks

One of the things I hear a lot from guys that I train is that they wear their marks with considerable pride.  In the case of Jed, his skin was like a soft, smooth version of Teflon and despite two consecutive days of pretty hard spanking, he wasn't really showing much in terms of damage.  So, knowing that the third session would be our last, I really pulled out all the stops for you to enjoy.  He'll be wearing my mark for quite a while.

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Hottie Playing Hooky; Putting His Ass On the Line; The Effect of Spread Cheeks; This Guy Needs Soundproofing

Hottie Playing Hooky

I guess building work can be tough - working on a site all day in the cold and the rain.  I'd love to hear the conversation between the guys on the site today.  They're wondering where Will is, wondering why he's called in sick.  I wonder if they'll ever know the real truth about where Will is ... and what he's doing ...

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Putting His Ass On the Line

There is a psychological barrier that has to be overcome when it comes to bondage.  It's to simply relinquish control and to allow someone else to call the shots.  That's hard, but it's even harder when it's another guy and his intention is to turn your nice pale ass red raw.

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The Effect of Spread Cheeks

The position of a guy's ass can have an effect on how tough the punishment feels.  In the case of some positions, if the legs and therefore the cheeks are pulled apart, it not only makes for a very exposed and humiliating situation, but the taut skin, particularly right in the seat of the guy's ass is really gonna get his attention.

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This Guy Needs Soundproofing

The place where we make our films is pretty much sound-proofed and normally I'm grateful because the sound of the belt cracking down on bare can really make a loud noise.  Sometimes, like in this case, the guy on the receiving end has quite a lot to shout about too.  Haha.

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