Thra$hing For Ca$h | A Teflon Ass | A New Sadist Is Revealed | Doing Time With The Lash

Ben is spanked hard with a variety of implements for No Way Out
I'm just getting started ... wait 'til I show you my prison straps ...

Thra$hing For Ca$h

It can be a bit of a shot in the dark asking a straight guy if he will consider spanking another guy's ass in return for money.  I make a point of never allowing a guy to do it unless he has done his time over the bench, so that he knows how challenging CP can be.  I don't want a guy that is just going to hit like crazy - I want someone that punishes with a good level of consideration.  When you get an athletic guy such as Ash who is intelligent and thoughtful, you have to just hope that he'll say yes.

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A Teflon Ass?

A guy recently asked me if I preferred starting a session with a 'fresh, unmarked' ass and whether I minded.  The answer is yes, particularly if it's not my work.  I like to start with a blank canvas.  In Jed's case, I expected that not to be an option because he signed up for three days of consecutive punishment.  What I didn't expect was that despite a good thrashing every day, he turned up the next with an almost blemish free butt.  I like a challenge, but seriously - this guys has a Teflon ass!  Bring it on ...

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A New Sadist Is Revealed

I've spoken about the hangover horn before and it was the final push that my mate Rich needed.  He'd been on about coming to watch me punish a guy for ages - always saying he would do it and then backing out at the last minute.  But this one morning when Ben was over the bench,  Rich had been out and he called me up, so horny, and said 'i wanna come watch.'  He was literally trembling with excitement when he arrived.

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Doing Time With The Lash

I like my guys to earn my respect (and yours) with their ability to take and more importantly their ability to learn to take.  To submit.  A bit like when you start a relationship and you stay up all night talking, there is usually a session with each guy I train where there was a step change.  Maybe it was a long session with the belt like I did with Jacob in his second video.  Maybe it's the extra effort a guy made to push his ass out and take what's coming.  Regardless, they've earned their place at No Way Out at that moment.

Tackling a Real-Life Rugby Player | The Effectiveness of Begging | Adam Right Where I Want Him | Spanked Red Raw

Rugby player Jeff is spanked hard for No Way Out Punishment
Come on Jeff - take it for the TEAM ...

The Effectiveness of Begging

If you've watched No Way Out films then you might know that I like real reactions and taunting the guys is not out of the question.  The trick is to seek their submission further than just physically, by getting them to verbally submit to you.  Whether it's with general reactions they don't want to give you the satisfaction of hearing or just some nice begging.  Just not sure how effective it us, other than making my cock really hard.

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Adam Right Where I Want Him

I like to bring you videos which have varied positions.  Variety is the spice of life and getting guys into certain positions and seeing how they cope with it is really fun .. and hot.  In the case of Adam, I didn't waste much time getting him into my favorite position and until then, I wasn't sure what his bare ass would look like.  I wasn't disappointed.

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Spanked Red Raw

No Way Out is a producer of 'spanking' videos, to the extent that 'spanking' encompasses all kids of punishment, with hands and implements alike.  Having said that, we don't do as much 'hand spanking' and over-the-knee as other sites because I prefer the harder stuff.  So when I decided to give Richard a good, hard hand spanking, I wanted to make sure I showed you how hard and long a real 'spanking' can be.  Richard better hold on tight!

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Tackling a Real-Life Rugby Player

Whenever I see photos of rugby players, it's a fantasy of mine to imagine disciplining them.  Part of the fun would be to see how such a 'tough guy' would deal with CP, to have all his control removed.  And also because they might find that they're not as tough as they thought.  Enter Jeff - a real actual rugby player, and it's time to make our dreams come true.

A Long Day of Challenges for Jacob | Grit Your Teeth and Think About the Money | Strung Up and Flogged | Strict Suited Discipline

Jacob is spanked, belted and prison strapped hard for No Way Out Punishment
Jacob undergoes a very, very intense series of humiliating punishments ...

A Long Day of Challenges for Jacob

Jacob is a very brave young man.  He wanted to be trained in a day.  To improve his ability, to earn the 'very very hard' label and generally take an absolute thrashing.  Unlike so meany relationships that take weeks, months or even years to build, this one started with one hell of a bang.

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Grit Your Teeth and Think About the Money

Of course, some guys have an internal need to be punished and thank God they do because it makes my life so much happier - and you certainly don't seem to mind watching.  But sometimes guys are only in it for the money and the frustration, anger and dogged determination is very hot to watch as the spanking rains down on their bare ass.

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Strung Up and Flogged

There's nothing more fun that stringing a guy up, whipping him across his back and ass before ripping him naked and watching him shake with fear as I turn his bare ass several shades of scarlet.  There's something so exposed and humiliating about being strung up which lends itself to a good hard thrashing.

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Strict Suited Discipline

It's funny how what you wear can make a difference to how you act and feel.  When I wear a suit to punish a guy, what little consideration I have for the guy's dignity goes out the window and what you're left with is very strict, no-nonsense punishment which will get your blood pumping.

Luck Can Be Cruel … but Fun | Payback Time for the Handsome Lady's Man | Does Brad Have What It Takes? | What Real Fear Looks and Sounds Like

Jack is spanked hard for No Way Out Punishment
Jack has every right to be worried ... very worried

Luck Can Be Cruel … but Fun

You seem to enjoy an add element of luck when it comes to punishment sessions.  Sometimes a pack of cards, in this case a dice - determines the number of strokes, making me only the executioner.  The relationship can sometimes change between me and my trainee as a result.  Because the fate of his bare ass is literally in the hands of the Gods.  And as a viewer, it's almost like you're part of the game.

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Payback Time for the Handsome Lady's Man

Most straight guys that sign up for some punishment tend to think that because it's 'gay spanking', it will be easy enough to endure.  If a gay guy can take a thrashing, then surely I can, they think.  It's a lot of fun when they're wrong.  It's my job to make sure they are.  Tom is a good example for you.  He's a pretty confident straight guy, but when confronted with the belt, he soon learns who's in charge.

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Does Brad Have What It Takes?

Brad started out his training in what I would say was a nervous or cautious sort of way.  He took a decent punishment in his first film, but I was really pleasantly surprised when he 'stepped up' to the belt in his second film and took the spanking you all wanted to see.  For his third film, a fan of his suggested the exact punishment and it was fun to see him try to negotiate his way out of it ... and fail.  But did he go the distance?  That's up to you to decide.

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What Real Fear Looks and Sounds Like

The guys we punish at No Way Out are not actors.  I prefer to bring you guys that are 'real' and that are willing to work hard to bring you want.  That's the hot part.  Occasionally, one will ask me - before his session - what he 'should do' during the shoot.  It always makes me smile.  What he should do is get through it and do whatever he needs to do in order to do so.  In Jack's case, the fear he shows is fantastic to watch - a combination of pleading, begging and outright terror.  It almost made me want to remove his gag.  Almost.

The Perfect Muscular Ass in (and out of) His Football Kit | CP Interrogation | Nice Work Dad | Scott Takes It Hard

Brad is spanked hard for No Way Out Punishment
We'll wipe the smile right off soon enough ...

The Perfect Muscular Ass in (and out of) His Football Kit

For his second video, I asked Brad to bring his football kit.  He has a great body and a great ass and I wanted to show you what he looked like in it.  Of course, he was soon stripped and presented with various physical and spanking-related challenges.  He won't be smiling for long.

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CP Interrogation

CP is a very effective interrogation technique.  It can go on for hours - open-ended - until the information you want is given.  In this case, the information is, unfortunately, the location in the house of a prison strap.  And once Ben gives that information and the strap is found, it's a shame not to take it out for a spin, isn't it?

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Nice Work Dad!

When an eighteen-year-old guy called Steve agrees to take a spanking, it's safe to assume that he will have limits and they may not be that high.  But if his Dad has been training him up for years then actually, it's a dream come true for me and for you.  Just a case of starting where he left off!

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Scott Takes It Hard

You can feel the nerves off this guy.  He channels all his effort into taking the belt across his bare ass when he has no previous experience.  His reactions are a combination of pain, humiliation and sheer determination which is hot as hell.

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A Wake-Up Call for Ben | Predicament CP | Gritty Determination | Wearing My Marks

Zach is spanked hard for No Way Out Punishment
Zach is determined to put on a great performance for you

A Wake-Up Call for Ben

Fans of No Way Out will know that Ben represents one of our most exciting trainees and he has impressed the world with his ability to take astonishingly hard punishment with awesome reactions.  But sometimes I neglect Ben and his ability to take CP decreases.  The advantage is that training him for the first time after such a break can make for an exciting session that will not disappoint.

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Predicament CP

Many of you will know the term 'predicament bondage' which is when a person is restrained with an option of placing themselves in one of a pair of uncomfortable positions.  Predicament bondage has always intrigued me and I thought that combining it with spanking / CP would be exciting for you to watch.  I don't think I was wrong.

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Gritty Determination

For guys that have never taken a spanking before, I try to look for a sort of steely determination to get the job done because inevitably, taking punishment across your bare ass hurts and it hurts like fuck.  Zach is a great example of someone who brought that determination to his debut video.  He just grits his teeth and gets on with it.  Hot as hell if you ask me,

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Wearing My Marks

One of the things I hear a lot from guys that I train is that they wear their marks with considerable pride.  In the case of Jed, his skin was like a soft, smooth version of Teflon and despite two consecutive days of pretty hard spanking, he wasn't really showing much in terms of damage.  So, knowing that the third session would be our last, I really pulled out all the stops for you to enjoy.  He'll be wearing my mark for quite a while.

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Hottie Playing Hooky; Putting His Ass On the Line; The Effect of Spread Cheeks; This Guy Needs Soundproofing

Will takes a hard spanking for No Way Out Punishment
Will's not at work ... but he's still working hard ...

Hottie Playing Hooky

I guess building work can be tough - working on a site all day in the cold and the rain.  I'd love to hear the conversation between the guys on the site today.  They're wondering where Will is, wondering why he's called in sick.  I wonder if they'll ever know the real truth about where Will is ... and what he's doing ...

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Putting His Ass On the Line

There is a psychological barrier that has to be overcome when it comes to bondage.  It's to simply relinquish control and to allow someone else to call the shots.  That's hard, but it's even harder when it's another guy and his intention is to turn your nice pale ass red raw.

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The Effect of Spread Cheeks

The position of a guy's ass can have an effect on how tough the punishment feels.  In the case of some positions, if the legs and therefore the cheeks are pulled apart, it not only makes for a very exposed and humiliating situation, but the taut skin, particularly right in the seat of the guy's ass is really gonna get his attention.

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This Guy Needs Soundproofing

The place where we make our films is pretty much sound-proofed and normally I'm grateful because the sound of the belt cracking down on bare can really make a loud noise.  Sometimes, like in this case, the guy on the receiving end has quite a lot to shout about too.  Haha.

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Time For Talk Is Over; Hard Dungeon Punishment; Car Thief as a Sub; Car Thief as a Dom

Ash is a car thief and has his bare ass spanked for you by No Way Out
That's the kind of ass that just begs for a thrashing

Time For Talk Is Over

It is possible when you get a guy around that is going to be spanked that after their first video, you develop a soft spot for them.  They're nice, you have a laugh and form a bond.  The problem is that they're here to take it hard and so there comes a time when talk must give way to a challenging session.  And even though part of me feels bad, there's a bigger part that enjoys bringing you the hottest videos around.  Like they say ... no pain, no gain.

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Hard Dungeon Punishment

People often ask me what our hardest video is and invariably I send them to our dungeon series which is so hard that I rarely put details of it on our main site.  It's possible that it's at the outer edges of what I believe is acceptable at No Way Out in terms of 'training'.  It was, after all, a restrained session in a dungeon that lasted several hours.

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Car Thief as a Sub

I've had quite a few emails asking about when Ash is coming back and I hope it's soon.  The problem is that after his experience of taking the belt, he is literally scared of it.  It's quite amusing to me that a straight guy that has done time and kick-boxes in his spare time is afraid of my belt, but then again, I don't blame him.  Perhaps the one time he did take it will have to be enough and to be honest, the way his cheeks bounce, I'm pretty sure he made a lot of you very happy.

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Car Thief as a Dom

... which brings me onto Ash as a dom and I'm pleased to say that he is interested in coming back and I am in talks with him as to when / where that will happen.  It's almost as if he's desperate to even the score, that he regrets taking it and wants to demonstrate his manliness by beating bare ass.  I'm quite keen to get him to put it to Chris, simply because I do believe he would unleash some kind of hell that could be amazing to witness.  In the meantime, we have his rigorous and first-time session with Ben which I'm sure you agree shows a huge amount of promise.

Doing the Deed; Bouncing Pegs; Chris Shows Us How It's Done; The Problem With Brad

Brad is spanked for No Way Out Punishment
Bad Brad

The Problem With Brad

I really enjoy spanking Brad and you seem to enjoy watching him.  I built up his ability over three movies, but now we have a situation.  He borrowed some money off me after his third film and disappeared.  Now he's back and wants to work.  I think it might be time to teach him a lesson ... what do you think?  How can we make his return extra special?

Doing the Deed

Sometimes, the best thing is just to get the deed done.  For Benjamin, no amount of delaying or wondering about how much a spanking is going to hurt will actually help him.  He knows that he has an obligation to you and that we make hard, exciting videos and that he's going to have to deliver.  He's got to just strip and grit his teeth.  The result is a very nervous guy and that ... well, it's hot.

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Bouncing Pegs

Ben has amazed us over the years and I don't think I could ever say I would get bored of beating Ben's ass.  Don't think I could be.  But I do like to change it up a little bit every now and again, to keep things exciting for you.  So I pegged his balls and every time the belt landed on his bare ass, they sort of rippled and bounced.  Great fun to watch.

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Chris Shows Us How It's Done

Do you ever get horny after a night out?  Hangover horn, I think it's called.  Anyway, when I'm hangover horned, I like to bring you something extra special to get you off.  Nothing will do but a good, long, hard - rock hard - beating.  And I mean HARD.  And for that, Chris is awesome because he takes CP like a soldier.

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Achieving Very Very Hard? Str8 Guys Enjoy Spanking Guys? James Ups His Game, Scott Buckles Down, Ben Strips

Ash spanks Ben for No Way Out Punishment
Ash turns his hand to spanking guys ... hard

Str8 Guys Enjoy Spanking Guys?

Ash is living proof that a straight guy can at least enjoy the 'sporty competitive' aspect of administering Corporal Punishment.  It doesn't make him gay, obviously, but I would say he's more than a little bit sadistic!

Achieving Very Very Hard

Jacob was concerned before his shoot about his session at No Way Out, but particularly concerned as to whether he would achieve the "very very hard" status along with the likes of Matt, Ben and Richard.  It was almost as if he saw it as a personal and important goal to accomplish.

I'll leave it to you to decide if he achieved it!  I know what I think ...

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James Ups His Game

I've had some really good feedback from customers this week about James.  His natural reactions and determination are 'sizzling' and I couldn't agree more.  He has really improved since I started training him and he can take a belt now, albeit with a lot of fuss that comes with it in the form of screaming, shouting and banging of fists.  Hang on in there, James.

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Scott Buckles Down

Another straight guy who is willing to grit his teeth and try to rise above it.  Scott has come back to No Way Out for more punishment and this time the level will be raised, as is customary.  How do you think he will deal with that?

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Ben Strips

Ben being naked is hardly news.  If he wasn't naked then how would I spend so long beating his bare ass for you?  The stripping I'm referring to is the stripping of some freshly-cut birch twigs which are then used to thrash him.  Not without an awful lot of noise, I might add.