"Jason - I have enjoyed watching your videos for years - well done" A.P. Los Angeles
"I love what you do.  Don't stop punishing those bare asses ... hard!"  P.B. Manchester
"Jason, you represent the hardest and most exciting spanking videos on the internet. Love your work." D.C. Tennessee


I Broke the Gym-Shoe Across His Ass; Buckling Down and Making Me Proud; Straight Builder Belted; Watching His Balls Bounce

Jacob gets spanked long and hard across his bare ass
Jacob earns his stripes ...

I Broke the Gym-Shoe Across His Ass

I beat this guy's ass in a vicious, long and painful session with a gym shoe and a cane. His ass literally fell apart under the strain as he yelped and screamed his way through the ordeal.  I wasted no time showing him what I can do to a bare ass. It is thrashed completely, red and sore quite soon but I just kept going and going until it is time for some fun with the cane over the top of everything else. The gym shoe I used split in two in the end.  Literally broke the thing on his bare cheeks.  This is one of the hardest and most brutal films I have ever made. Very straight-forward man-to-man punishment with very little dialogue. Extremely hard.

Buckling Down and Making Me Proud

People that buy our videos will know that all the guys are pushed to the very edge of their ability to take.  It is time to see how Jacob deals with a longer, absolutely rock hard session with my belt.  This is a real test of his ability.  He is made to count out the strokes loudly and proudly, his gasps and pleas for leniency ignored.  I give him plenty of encouragement but I make it clear that I want him to endure, what I am throwing at him and to make me proud.  And it is fucking hard.  That belt cracks down with considerable power again and again and again.  What Jacob does not know earlier in the session is that while the strokes are very hard, they are not my hardest.  I have kept something back and so when I unleash it, there are screams of disbelief.  This marks the beginning of his real training and even a brief outing with the new prison strap.  Stern, vicious and relentless, I push him to his very limit time and time again.

Straight Builder Belted

Will is a muscular, straight construction worker who reckons he can take it hard for No Way Out. He has one of the best asses I have ever punished - round and very firm. I get him on all fours and I have him stick his ass right out to receive his punishment so we can all get a good look.  It is pretty humiliating and I can tell that he is having some second thoughts.  He has never been spanked by another guy and so its time to introduce him to some hard bare-assed punishment to see how he copes with it.  Hand, paddle, belt.  Man-on-man.  It always surprises me what straight guys will do for a bit of cash, but watching him suffer is worth every cent.

Watching His Balls Bounce

What hurts more than hard CP? Not much when I am doing the belting, but why not peg the guys balls too, just for fun? In this film, Ben has 6 painful pegs attached to his balls and has to endure very hard punishment on top of that. For those of you that enjoy a top slowly taking off his belt and then beating a restrained ass with it, you will enjoy this film. By the end of the session, this ass is showing considerable wear and tear but in true No Way Out style, that's no reason to stop. The film is a test of wills as the sub tries to fight back as best he can  but backchat is not something that is advised when your ass is literally on the block.  I love watching those pegs bounce and jostle as the belt cracks down again ... and again ... and again.

I Love It When They Beg; Can Straight Guys Enjoy Spanking Another Guy?; Gym Training No Way Out Style; Wiping The Smile Right Off

Jack gets spanked for No Way Out
Jack's in trouble ... and he's gonna pay with his ass.

I Love It When They Beg

A top is clearly enjoying himself by beating the fuck out of his restrained victim, stripping off completely naked as he builds up a sweat. This is real, naked, man-on-man punishment. The ass he is beating is exactly where he wants it, restrained, legs spread. No escape. Everything is thrown at the guy. Rock hard spanking, vicious flogging, brutal and relentless belting, a surprise paddling. Lots of screaming to enjoy in this one, even as the top massages the swollen buttocks. The top barks at the trembling red ass in between strokes, shouting You make my cock rock hard. Rock Hard! In the end, the top makes one last humiliating demand: Beg me to stop.

Can Straight Guys Enjoy Spanking Another Guy?

Jason is teaching this straight, muscular guy to thrash bare ass hard. He spends time getting to know the implements one by one, beating the restrained sub with them. He looks like he is enjoying himself! If you like to watch a handsome, muscular straight guy beating bare ass and realizing how much he enjoys it then you will definitely enjoy this film.

Gym Training No Way Out Style

Ben's recent poor attendance record at the gym will be addressed harshly and effectively by Jason. Its very simple - lift the weights or take it hard those are the only two options available. Watch as he tries to avoid punishment by lifting the weight for as long as he can. Standing over him with a vicious belt, I pass the time enjoying his suffering, eagerly awaiting the moment when the weights hit the floor, mocking him. As soon as they do, hard strokes batter down on bare ass continuous punishment until the Ben regains the strength to lift the weights again. Even then, its only a matter of time until he fails and I have my way. Soon it is time to upgrade from the belt to the prison strap.

Wiping The Smile Right Off

Handsome 21 year-old Jack has come to us because he has spent all his money going to parties and festivals this summer. He turned up drinking a can of beer and seemed to think that it was all a bit of a joke. He was wrong. As punishment for spending all his money on alcohol and having a good time, he is going to take it HARD for No Way Out. Jack is straight and has never been disciplined in this way before by a man, so he is nervous. He should be. He strips off to reveal a nice ass which is begging for a good thrashing. You can tell that he feels a bit humiliated but he has no idea what is coming. Getting naked is the least of his worries.

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Picking Up Where His Dad Left Off; Hardest Hand Spanking Ever; A Dish Best Served Hard; Str8 Red Stripes on Pale Cheeks

Steve gets spanked for No Way Out

Picking Up Where His Dad Left Off

Steve spent a lot of his youth in Louisiana and in hot water.  His father used to belt him frequently.  When he left home at the age of 18, he found himself in debt – going out and drinking too much.  Now he needs to pay his friends back and that is where No Way Out comes in.  Steve has a great ass for punishment – a perfectly smooth, young bubble butt.  And because he has got a head start in terms of his experience, I wasted no time in teaching him a lesson, pushing his boundaries.  This is a very harsh re-introduction to the rigors of a good hand-spanking, paddling and belting.  The belt cracks across his bare ass and I make him earn every penny, he really suffers.  One of our most popular videos of all time.

Hardest Hand Spanking Ever

If you think hand spanking is just a light warm-up for naughty bare butts, check out Richard spanked until he ass is red raw.  I have given Richard a good thrashing before, but I wanted to remind him that I do not necessarily need paddles and belts to punish him.  I spank him (both hands at the same time, sometimes), for 25 minutes non-stop until the punishment is so powerful that he is lunging forward on his bench, shouting in pain and humiliation.  It takes a while to get the result I want – an ass that has been hand spanked completely raw.  But I love using the belt so much that I just cannot resist the temptation to lay it on over the top.  Nice and hard, of course.

A Dish Best Served Hard

I have spent enough time beating Ben’s bare ass for us to have a strong relationship.  In many ways, it gets stronger with each stroke.  But this film was shot at a time when I was genuinely angry with him.  At a time I felt I needed to put him back in his place because he was getting far too big for his boots.  And so we have one of the longest and hardest punishment films we have ever made.  Hard paddles, belts, straps and canes fly through the air for more than 40 minutes.  If that were not challenging enough, I insist that Ben pushes his ass up and out in order to receive punishment - each and every stroke.  He will not get confused as to who is in charge in a hurry.

Str8 Red Stripes on Pale Cheeks

Zach is a young Eastern European, ex-military guy - stern, straight and strong.  He has reluctantly decided to submit to No Way Out, to earn extra money.  During the shoot, while he is stripping off for us, he has second thoughts continues and you will be so glad he did.  His body is masculine, some chest hair but when he reveals his ass, I cannot quite believe my luck.  It is perfectly round, smooth, soft and just begging for a hard spanking.  He has never done this type of thing before and so you can see his face as he struggles to come to terms with it, physically and mentally.  He takes my hand, the paddle and the belt long and very intensely for you, jolting and bucking around, cursing and swearing through gritted teeth.  It is pure joy to watch, he suffers fantastically for you and is barely able to look at the camera by the end of his ordeal.

Re-Introducing the Prison Strap; Hard and Dirty Gets You Off; Bound and Caned to Completion; Adam Taken to the Next Level

Prison Strap used in spanking films made by No Way Out
The dreaded prison strap ... heavy and wide. it packs a punch!

Re-Introducing the Prison Strap

Time for some rock hard CP training now as Ben returns in the first of a brand new season of films. For fans of Ben, this is going to be a treat.  Many would agree that it has been far too long since he was properly punished.  I am going to put that right.  I start by showing you on camera a new mantra for Ben's punishment regime.  I make him read it out frequently during the session.  Today, I am going to belt, strap and flog Ben's bare ass for you.  It is going to be hard, not least because he is out of practice.  I remind him that I want his ass positioned properly, I want to see it up and proud, I want you to see those fucking balls bounce as he takes it.  I start off with a hard belting which is focused on the middle and upper parts of his ass cheeks.  I leave the lower part for later when, without warning, I place a couple of very hard, carefully-aimed shots right across his tender seat.  You will hear him roar with pain and buck around in his cuffs.  The strokes leave deep red scorch marks across the pale part of his upper legs / lower buttocks.  I tie a rope around his balls so that I can tug them out from where they are trying to hide.  I want you to be able to see them.  I keep making him read the new mission statement for you, sometimes while he is taking his punishment, his voice shaking and struggling to get the words out.  I make him read it one more time before gagging him for the next part when the old, black prison strap starts walloping down, followed by a good hard flogging.  Bit of a baptism of fire this one.  Ben is well and truly back in the game!

Hard and Dirty Gets You Off

Jason is yet again in the mood for hard punishment and this poor fucker is gonna get thrashed. After persuading him over the bench, he's tied down and soon he's right where Jason wants him. What follows is a brutal CP session that pushes the guy's boundaries. The poor helpless fucker is made to count them out when he's not biting down on a belt or Jason's t-shirt. He screams through gritted teeth. Drop the belt and i'll beat you with it, sneers Jason. The escalating punishment includes a hard paddling, belting and his first taste of the prison strap. Jason and the cameraman mock him as he struggles through the session, screaming and shouting.

Bound and Caned to Completion

In the third and final installment of Jacobs initiation to No Way Out, he endures a hard application of the bath brush followed by a very long punishment with a junior and a senior cane. His first taste of the bath brush sees him begging for leniency, saying my ass is on fire. The fact he hates it means that we can move on to what this film is really all about the cane. Talk about out of the frying pan into the fire. As you may know, I do not use the cane extensively and so when I do, I like to go all out. I start off with a smaller, snappier cane and it is really great fun cracking it across the cheeks of his bare ass which are perfectly positioned over the punishment bench. There are a few points where the strokes are so hard that his bucking around makes the bench start to jump away. I also have him taking sets of five and ten but I enjoy it so much and he is suffering so fantastically that when I get to the end of the agreed sets, I just keep going. There are a lot of points where he is genuinely begging me to stop while I am shouting at him to stay still. The senior cane has a deeper whoosh and a heavier thud. I gag his mouth with tape but I really want to hear him scream through the gag and encourage him to let us hear it. Please note that this video is very hard and extreme in some places. Watch out for the surprise encore right at the end of the film.

Adam Taken to the Next Level

It is amazing what a guy can take when he is restrained - how much he can be pushed beyond his previous limits. 19 year old Adam the gym instructor is back and this time were going to make sure he learns a very real lesson. He has lost his job at the gym (no surprises there) and is now looking to start his own personal training company. I have some personal training for him and it starts right here, right now. I have planned an afternoon of punishment that will see him endure my hand and belt hard across his tight white underwear and then much harder across his bare ass. Its the first time Adam has ever been restrained and of course, he soon learns that being restrained means hell take so much more of a beating, because he has little choice. There is a lot of bad language in this film. His eyes wide with fear and his ass clenched in anticipation of each stroke. Feast your eyes and ears - he takes it very hard this time, just for you!

Straight Rugby Player Close to Tears; Bull-whipping Bare Ass; Office Belting; Tom Struggles Through

Straight rugby player Jeff takes a very hard spanking
Jeff really put on a fantastic show for us

Straight Rugby Player Close to Tears

How difficult is it to spank a straight rugby player to tears?  Rugby players are known for their ability to endure knocks on the field and Jeff arrived with the attitude that he would be able to take what we dish out here are No Way Out.  I like a challenge and I was very happy to show him what real male-male punishment could feel like, both physically and mentally.  Even though it was his first film and he had never been spanked or belted before, I decided to go for some good firm restraint to keep him where I wanted him, because I was going to test his limits.  For a first session, this was going to be nice and challenging.  He held things together well to start with, keeping his dignity, but not long into the session, he started to realize he was in trouble.  Big trouble.  The onslaught of my hand, paddle and belt brings him close to tears as he screams, yelps and shouts for you as I turn his pale ass various shades of bright red and crimson.

Bull-whipping Bare Ass

There are some guys out there, the ones wandering around in suits, the ones that have respectable jobs, that secretly would like nothing more than to take a guy and whip his bare ass until he shakes with anger, fear and pain.  This suited banker is celebrating his bonus by having a muscular, hard guy taken from the street and strung up.  He starts with a butt-whipping with a nasty bullwhip over underwear and if that was not humiliating enough, the guy rip-strips his victim and takes a huge amount of pleasure introducing his bare ass to the delights of the bullwhip.  Matt is a strong, proud type, and that makes it even more fun to see him reduced to shuddering and screaming as he unsuccessfully avoids the lash.

Office Belting

A sharply-dressed, suited top strips a restrained, muscular sub before belting him long and hard. No warm up, no switching of implements, the guy is just bent over a bench and belted again and again and again.  Each time the belt lands on his bare ass, it jolts and bounces, taking on deeper and deeper shades of red.  The top is determined to get good value for money and he just keeps going until the sub is dragged onto the floor, a foot on his back to keep him in position.  Maybe he thinks it is all over, but it is far from it.  His sore and red cheeks are perfectly positioned for further and more humiliating thrashing at the feet of his master.  Well and truly thrashed, belting throughout from start to finish.

Tom Struggles Through

Before I punish a guy for the first time, it is always difficult to know how he will react.  It makes the job more interesting because reactions to spankings are very varied and often unpredictable.  I have had tough guys reduced to tears and I have also had guys that appear very unassuming that can really take a belt.  But regardless, they will take what is coming and regardless, it will push their ability.  Enter Tom, quite a confident guy – a ladies man – who bends and takes punishment from another guy.  He has been in trouble with the police on numerous occasions and so I think what makes this video interesting is that the punishment is deserved, he accepts what it going to happen to him, and he probably hates taking a belt more than most things.  In that sense, it is real punishment.

Straight Guy Likes Spanking; Dungeon Climax; Prison Strap Interrogation; Army Guy Trained Hard

Ash enjoys spanking Ben's bare ass even though he is straight
Ash enjoyed spanking and beating Ben's bare ass even though he is straight

Straight Guy Likes Spanking

I have been training this muscular straight guy to beat bare ass hard. In this movie, a second, much harder part following on from the last film, the trainee top works his way through the full variety of kit. He is enjoying himself, particularly when he is using the riding crop and the flogger. He enjoys provoking a reaction from the sub who is tied up, ass up, for him to work on. He's not going anywhere. About half-way through the film, I decided it's time for some hands-on teaching and the trainee watched as I used the belt hard. He is amazed at how fierce it is, laughing and cringing, looking away. Then he gets into it.

Dungeon Climax

When we speak to customers, they usually want harder Corporal Punishment, more real screaming, more pain, more begging and generally a much more severe punishment. We think that the CP we do is fucking hard already but the customer is never wrong and so we have decided to publish this footage which was never intended to be released. This is the final and much harder part of the dungeon series that, after filming, resulted in Jason being told to calm it down. Hard belting, paddling, very hard caning and a vicious martinet stripped these guys RAW until they were begging and screaming for mercy.

Prison Strap Interrogation

Ben is challenged to an extremely hard CP session at the hands of Jason. Right from the word go, Jason seems to want to put Ben in his place, while Ben is determined to keep his dignity and defend his reputation as one of our best ever takers. Belting is the name of the game to start with. Belting that is so intense that it literally strips the underwear off Ben's restrained ass which is up and as proud as it can be given the circumstances. Its like hes pushing up and offering himself to Jason. But what Jason really wants is to know where his favorite prison strap is. Ben has hidden it and so there is a battle of wills here as Jason demands to know where it is. Ben is not in a great position to bargain but he really does hold out for as long as he can before finally admitting to Jason where the heavier strap is. By this point, Jason is angry and frustrated and that is not a good scenario for Ben. This is relentless, powerful Corporal Punishment, the likes of which only No Way Out produces.

Army Guy Trained Hard

John is a very genuine, straight guy who feels incredibly guilty about his performance when he was in the army. Basically, he went AWOL which let down his comrades, his family and most of all himself. Sometimes Corporal Punishment can put a young mans conscience to rest. You get to hear John being reprimanded for his behavior and I think he really is sorry. But then things get interesting because John doesn't actually know what is in store. Just imagine what it must be like for him, camera rolling, when I explain that not only does he have to get his clothes off for us, but also that he is going to be subjected to a very hard belting across his bare ass, to put the record straight. He is horrified. Is this some sort of joke? he says. You don't have to imagine what his punishment is like but I tell you one thing its shocking for him and its fucking hard for you!

Shut Up and Take It; Two-on-One Prison Strapping; Sturdy Long Spanking; Baptism of Fire for Sam; John Bites Down

hard spanking and punishment from No Way Out
You're not gonna forget this in a hurry ...

Learning The Hard Way

"Present your ass properly for me, fucker - nice and high - NOW" "Sorry Sir" "You will be sorry. Count 'em out loud" "One, Officer ... Two, Officer ... Three, Officer ... Sir, I can't!" "You can boy and you fucking well will. Gonna have some fun with you today. There's nothing i like more than a good session of HARD CP. Come on, we're just warming you up. Ass up ... UP I said - come on. Good lad. You're gonna take these nice and hard for me". "Please Sir I can't I can't I can't!" "Oh but you're gonna." It really doesn't pay to complain about any of the officers if you are an inmate at Belmarks Prison.

Take It Hard Army Man

This army soldier has been insubordinate to his Sergeant during training and so the Sergeant fully intends to beat some sense and manners into him. He starts with a harsh two-sided paddle on the soldiers' restrained ass that just hints at what is to come. The real discipline and attitude adjustment comes when the Sergeant switches to the belt. The soldier reacts very angrily to the humiliating punishment, telling the Sergeant to go fuck yourself. This is an extremely stupid move as the Sergeant doesn't hesitate to switch immediately to a harsh and heavy strap. This soon has the soldier writhing like a bucking bronco on the frame, begging and cursing in equal measure. Just to make sure he's learned his lesson, the Sergeant enlists the help of one of the privates to double down on the guy's already battered ass.

Fantastic Ass Spread and Beaten

Bubble butt spanked, wheel-barrow style, paddled and then belted and strapped. Hard.

Sam - Baptism of Fire Initiation

Sam, a 23 year-old student, has presented himself to No Way Out for an initiation into hard spanking. Naked and vulnerable over the bench, he is subjected to a humiliating and hard series of punishments. I grab his hair and pull it back as I spank his cheeks hard until he screams. There is quite a bit of encouragement from me, but I constantly remind Sam that he must present his bare ass for punishment. I keep shouting at him to stick it out, to present properly. The force of the strokes shunts the bench away from me and he has the tendency to pull his ass downwards and away from what is coming to it. It takes quite a bit of training and patience, my foot holding the bench in position, before he starts showing me what I want, pushing his ass out as the onslaught continues. There are softer moments when I comfort Sam but soon it is time to play the paddle game where he has to guess which side of the paddle I am spanking his ass with. It is not a difficult game because they are surprisingly different. He has to call out each time, it is humiliating and frightening. He shakes with the anticipation of each stroke. Sam tends to whimper and then when he cannot take any more, he screams loudly for us, clinging to the bench, which is very entertaining. I keep barking at him that he holds his position and as he is introduced to my belt for the first time, he just starts screaming and bucking around. This one needs quite a bit of training and today he is going to please me even if it takes all day. Come on Sam. Feet nice and wide, ass up, just fucking take what is coming.

John - Sock-Gagged Punishment

John is a 22 year-old straight guy and a good friend of Tom who featured a few weeks back. Tom lent some money to John who has been unable to pay it back due to the holidays and not being in regular work. Tom and John agreed that John would repay his debt by taking it hard for No Way Out. John has never been disciplined before and is nervous about how much it is going to hurt. He is also nervous about being naked full-frontal. Watching him strip, he looks scared, but accepts the punishment in order to repay his best friend which shows guts.

Pleasure and Pain, The Bath Brush, Seeing the Prison Strap in Action, Dungeon Games, Making Things Challenging

Pleasure and Pain

Punished for yet again failing to keep up with his gym and fitness regime. How hard must his ass be beaten in order for him to change his ways? Were obviously not beating him hard enough. So, to mix things up a bit, we position his ass high up for punishment from both sides and spend some time massaging some oil into his doomed ass cheeks. The increased pain that this causes is remarkable as belts, paddles and prison straps crack down for more than 30 minutes. Jason switches sides frequently, punishing BOTH his ass cheeks hard.

Hard Bare-Assed Spanking
Hard Bare-Assed Spanking

Bath Brush and Belt

A sadistic top in a suit is in the mood for delivering hard punishment and is going to teach his victim a lesson he wont forget in a hurry. Strip! Im gonna thrash your bare ass" he says. "You're not gonna forget this for a fucking long time. Understood? Yes sir says the sub. Only moments later, legs are kicking to the sound of screaming, wailing and sobbing as the top administers a very hard hand spanking followed by a good application of the dreaded bath brush. The guy keeps trying to cover his ass with his hands, but the top just pushes them away and keeps going while barking orders to keep still.

My Buddy Watches Me Punish Bare Ass

Rich has traveled all the way across town to see Jason dish out a hard beating and so hes not about to leave until he feels like hes seen something pretty extreme. Turns out that Rich is one sadistic bastard underneath that boyish exterior. He confesses during a cigarette break that he is very keen to see Jason's prison straps in action. A hard belting was really all that Jason expected to show and certainly all that we expected to make as a video. Despite the pleading and begging that follows, Jason just laughs and gives the sub the choice of two straps. He is more than willing to show Rich just how hard they can be and proceeds to punish the restrained victim very, very hard.

Hard Dungeon Discipline - Part 4 - Evil Bastard

Our naked top continues with his rock hard cock to beat the helpless victims with a variety of severe implements. This time hes found a nasty double cane, a martinet and throws in the long-handled paddle and the occasional hard belting for good measure. He doesnt show any signs of slowing down their screams and shouts are music to his ears. This top drums their ass cheeks one after the other. So many fucking toys to play with, he laughs.

Dangerous When Wet

You've got a front row seat in the punishment room. A naked, restrained sub is in for some long, tough training. Rock hard punishment comes in the form of a grueling beating with the belt and two prison straps. Shouldn't have any problems having a good, powerful orgasm over this video.

3 Days of Hard Punishment, The Final Challenge, Ben Back in Training, 18 Year-Old Crime and Punishment

Adam takes a good hard spanking
Adam takes his punishment

The following titles are selling really well right now.  I'm glad you are enjoying them:

Three Days of Hard Punishment - Showdown (Jed Video 3)

Jason has Jed in a very humiliating position in this next extended film, bent right over a wooden stool and bound with rope and cling film, gagged and completely unable to move.

Jed takes a spanking

The Final Challenge (Brad Video 3)

We talk through everything in great detail. He is clearly nervous, in particular about the number of strokes of the belt and the cane, which is a new experience for him.

Ben Back In Training (Ben Video 41)

I keep making him read the new mission statement for you, sometimes while he is taking his punishment, his voice shaking and struggling to get the words out. I make him read it one more time before gagging him for the next part when the old, black prison strap starts walloping down, followed by a good hard flogging. Bit of a baptism of fire this one. Ben is well and truly back in the game!

Ben Takes The Prison Strap
Ben Takes The Prison Strap

18 Year-Old Steve Crime and Punishment (Steve Video 2)

It really helps that Steve has a great, young, pert bubble butt and we make him strip down slowly and show us his body. Then hes over the new bench which gets that ass of his right up and in the perfect position for a good thrashing.

Zach Takes It Hard for No Way Out (Zach Video 1)

Zach is a young Eastern European, ex-military guy and he certainly looks the part. Stern, straight and strong, he has decided to submit to No Way Out.

These are our top 5 best-sellers overall this month:

(Ben and Harry) Hard Dungeon Discipline Part 5

(Matt) Hostel Part 2 - Hard Humiliation

(Steve) 18 Year-Old Steve Spanked To Tears

(Brad) The Final Challenge

Brad prepares for his spanking
Brad prepares for his spanking

(Adam) 19 Year-Old Gym Instructor Pushed Harder

Really glad to see Adam in the top 5 again.  Although I think Richard deserved his spot after the thrashing he took!

Pushed Too Far, Hard Humiliation, Spanked To Tears, Final Challenge, Extreme Spanking

Steve takes a hard spanking for No Way Out
18 Year-Old Steve

1. Ben and Harry in Hard Dungeon Discipline Part 5 - Pushed Too Far

One of our all-time favorites, people just don't seem to be able to get enough of it!  This is part 5 and the last in a very tough series involving two guys strapped down in a dungeon with a wall full of kit.

2. Matt in Hostel part 2 - Hard Humiliation

Very humiliating and hard-hitting prison strap for this very tough sub who has to witness his own humiliation by watching his own reactions in a mirror.  Grueling stuff.

3. Steve in 18 year-old Steve Spanked to Tears

I was only too pleased to help show Steve some hard discipline and I was delighted when I saw his ass - he has a great ass for punishment a perfectly young, smooth bubble butt which just begs for a thrashing.

4. Brad in The Final Challenge

We talk through everything in great detail. He is clearly nervous, in particular about the number of strokes of the belt and the cane, which is a new experience for him.

5. Extreme Spanking Ordeal

I have never hand-spanked a guy for so long and so hard.  He was bruised as if he'd been belted.  Just to make sure, I gave him a belting as well.

On the up ...

Jonny - he takes a bare-assed thrashing and he doesn't enjoy it one bit.  But it seems like you all do!  I expect Jonny to be in the top 5 soon, hopefully.  I think he deserves it.

straight jonny gets his bare ass spanked
Jonny does not enjoy being punished ... one little bit