Making Each Stroke Count | Pain and Shame | Screaming Like a Girl | Losing Big-Time

Making Each Stroke Count

Kirk takes a hard spanking in a gay spanking video made by No Way Out Punishment

Those of you that watch our movies will know that I enjoy open-ended punishments where I get to decide when the guy taking has had enough.  This is usually a combination of the state of his ass and how sorry I think he is, how much he has learned his lesson and improved his ability to take for the next session.  Kirk was an exception to this.  He and I embarked on a lengthy pre-session negotiation which ended up being set at 50 of the belt and 25 with the prison strap.  No warm-up, no outs.  Presenting his peachy ass for us, tied down, he really put his faith in me to stick to the sentence we had agreed which, for a first meet, was commendable.  It turns out that peaches bruise easily, and pull pretty hard in their restraints too.  With pre-agreed sentences, it really is a case of making sure that each ... stroke ... counts.

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Pain and Shame

Brad takes a hard spanking in a gay spanking video made by No Way Out Punishment

For lots of people in this day and age, times are hard.  Money is tight.  On the one hand, you could say that taking straight guys with fantastic bodies and spanking them is to take advantage.  But on the other hand, you could say that as long as they understand what is involved, it's a job like any other.  Enter Brad - a real, unpolished gem, that seems willing to show us what he can do, despite having no experience of spanking or being spanked.  And I'm really glad to bring you sportsman Brad because when I saw his pictures, they seemed a bit too good to be true.  Simply amazing body is revealed to us, six-pack, pert buttocks, the works.  Now all there is to do is to see him bring the discipline he clearly possesses to taking punishment, across his bare ass, for us.  And watching him deal with all the pain and all the shame that goes with it.

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Screaming Like a Girl

Jeff takes a hard spanking in a gay spanking video made by No Way Out Punishment

Part of the fun of getting guys round and spanking them is that firstly, you never know how much they will be able to take and secondly, you don't know how they will react to punishment.  I fully expected Jeff to be one of those guys that was going to knuckle down and take what I was giving before heading off with his money.  If he was feeling the pain, he wouldn't let it show, wouldn't give the viewers the satisfaction.  I'm delighted to say that I was wrong.  That's not to say his session wasn't tough - I decided to put him through the mill, but rather than the stoic responses I expected, he treats us to a fantastic example of a straight rugby player desperately trying to hold onto his dignity ... and failing spectacularly.

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Losing Big-Time

This session is really fun because I put Ben's fate pretty much in the lap of the Gods.  Or in the roll of a dice, more precisely.  I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that the odds are stacked against him as I dish out his punishment for you in this very vocal session (Ben is on fine form, calling me all kinds of things).  I put his restraints to test with sets of 2s, 5s, 7s and 10s, moving onto sets of 20 and even forty (did I mention I have several different dice?).  Watch out for the teeth-gritting set of 100 which really has Ben protesting.  There is a good level of pain and humiliation in Ben's reactions in this video which I think is really horny.  There is a nasty surprise at the end of the video, too.  Well, I've got to keep you all guessing, right?

Ben takes a hard spanking in a gay spanking video made by No Way Out Punishment

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Two Asses Are Better Than One | Destination : Ben's Bare Ass | Getting the Job Done | Sorry - You Gotta Take Before You Give

Destination : Ben's Bare Ass

Ben takes a hard spanking in a gay spanking video made by No Way Out Punishment

This Canadian prison strap was a long time coming.  Custom made to my specification, I tracked it through the courier's website and forwarded its progress to Ben.  I wanted to make sure that he knew it was on its way.  Making its way to me and making its way to his bare ass.  He was pretty nervous by the time he was to submit to it.  After all that anticipation, I wanted to make sure that I introduced the strap with a good, hard crack.  I wanted Ben to put on a performance that was worthy of its arrival.  It did not fail to deliver.  The anticipation, the belting, the relentless prison strapping, the screaming, the gasping, the roaring, the begging, the anger and frustration.  The surprising twists, the power play tension that you can almost cut with a knife.  This is 36 minutes of punishment that is going to have you shoot a massive load again and again and again until you are drained.

Two Asses Are Better Than One

Ben and Harry take a hard spanking in a gay spanking video made by No Way Out Punishment

Although it runs to five parts, one of my favorite episodes of the dungeon series is actually the first one.  For those that have taken hard discipline before, they will know that it can be toughest right at the beginning and Ben and Harry are subjected to harsh treatment right from the start.  Ben is tied to a bench and the Harry is tied to a trestle.  With the broad array of implements at my disposal, these lads are in for a very hard time, and they know it.  No warm up, just straight in with belts, straps and evil wooden paddles that really set the tone for what is to come - a grueling workout in the dungeon.  Time to grit those teeth and take it, guys.  I've got the place booked for the whole day!

Getting the Job Done

Benjamin takes a hard spanking in a gay spanking video made by No Way Out Punishment

The great thing about ex-military guys is that they are real, manly men and they often have great physiques with can-do attitudes. Benjamin is no exception. He is clear about the fact that he needs the cash and like any good soldier, he is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Just the kind of guy we like to see at No Way Out. So when I ask Benjamin to get on all fours and arch his back so that his bare ass sticks out for you, he just does it, even though you can see the humiliation in his face. Benjamin is nervous about what he is about to receive and he has every right to be. As the spanking starts, you can also see him realizing that he is in for a rough ride and trust me, he is not wrong. You should see his ass by the end of the session. Red, sore and humiliatingly exposed and punished. Real straight guy, real ex-army, really good ass which takes a pounding and he screams when he is pushed hard. Its fantastic fun watching him deal with it.

Sorry - You Gotta Take Before You Give

Ash takes a hard spanking in a gay spanking video made by No Way Out Punishment

This 24 year-old, handsome, muscular straight guy wants to be a top, but before he gets to beat any bare ass, I want to make sure he understands the pain involved.  He is not at all happy with the idea, but soon he is bent over and taking my hand, paddle and belt.  His ass is close to perfection and bounces so fantastically with each stroke.  It really is a joy to watch.  This guy is a bit of a bad boy - in trouble here and there for stealing stuff - and it was great to take him down a peg or three, show him what real punishment is.  He has a good idea how much CP hurts now, but I have a feeling that he is going to be a very able top as well.  Cannot wait to find out.

Power-Spanked Raw | Just Shut Up and Take It | On Your Knees Fucker | Getting Through To Him

Power-Spanked Raw

Richard takes a hard spanking in a gay spanking video made by No Way Out Punishment

If you think hand spanking is just a light warm-up for naughty bare butts, check out Richard spanked until his ass is red raw.  I have given Richard a good thrashing before, but I wanted to remind him that I do not necessarily need paddles and belts to punish him.  I spank him (both hands at the same time, sometimes), for 25 minutes non-stop until the punishment is so powerful that he is lunging forward on his bench, shouting in pain and humiliation.  It takes a while to get the result I want – an ass that has been hand spanked completely raw.  But I love using the belt so much that I just cannot resist the temptation to lay it on over the top.  Nice and hard, of course.

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Just Shut Up and Take It

Ben takes a hard spanking in a gay spanking video made by No Way Out Punishment

Being a good top means constantly challenging the subs that are available to you.  No matter how long you have been playing with them, you need to keep them guessing and keep them working ... hard.  In this case, I am all about Ben presenting his ass, volunteering it for a huge amount of punishment and working with me to achieve that.  Restrained to a wooden bench, stretched out, legs spread wide and forced onto tiptoes.  I spend some time examining him closely before I spank, crop, belt and flog him to get him warmed up.  I love it when Ben's ass dances around trying to avoid the crop and the part where the crop is balanced on his back as his quivering ass takes the belt.  A very hard application of the whip has him screaming for mercy and there is also a humiliating surprise for him, in amongst all the verbal.  I am gonna make him thank me for each and every stroke.

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On Your Knees Fucker

Matt takes a hard spanking in a gay spanking video made by No Way Out Punishment

You might think that getting your bare ass belted on camera and shared with the world is degrading enough, but my goal is to bring you something extra.  So I put on a suit, stripped a muscular sub, bent over.  No warm up, no switching of implements, the guy is just bent over a bench and belted again and again and again.  Each time the belt lands on his bare ass, it jolts and bounces, taking on deeper and deeper shades of red.  To break the guy completely, I drag him onto the floor, put my foot in his back and belt his bare ass with him on all fours.  After all, his cheeks are perfectly positioned while his face is at my feet.  You can hear the shock in his reactions - a mixture of pain and shame, I'm guessing.  Absolutely filthy hard corporal punishment and degradation.  Yum.

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Getting Through To Him

Ben takes a hard spanking in a gay spanking video made by No Way Out Punishment

Ben is punished for yet again failing to keep up with his gym and fitness regime. How hard must his ass be beaten in order for him to change his ways? I'm obviously not beating him hard enough. So, to mix things up a bit, I position his ass high up for punishment from both sides and spend some time massaging some oil into his doomed ass cheeks.  The increased pain this causes, the sharper crack, is remarkable as belts, paddles and prison straps hammer down for more than 30 minutes.  I switch backwards and forwards so that both of his cheeks get a good thrashing for you to enjoy.  This is a great punishment marathon that will have you panting over the screen.

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Make As Much Noise As You Can Guys | Strictly No Outs | Career Motivation | Training the Trainer

Make As Much Noise As You Can Guys

Ben and Harry take a hard spanking in a gay spanking video made by No Way Out Punishment

If you are familiar with our videos then you will know we make videos at the harder end of the CP / spanking scene.  But even within our video catalog, there are some that are much more challenging for the guys than others.  The dungeon series really ups the stakes as two guys (Ben and Harry) are restrained in a sound-proofed dungeon for a punishment session which sees canes, straps, belts and paddles rain down on bare asses.  In this third of five videos, I really wanted to work through a lot of different implements and to make them really scream and shout, have them kick up a real fuss.  The thought of putting these two through the mill had my cock twitching with excitement.  Let's go.

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Strictly No Outs

Chris takes a hard spanking in a gay spanking video made by No Way Out Punishment

I am interested to understand what makes someone need to submit to hard punishment when, in the moment, they really don't enjoy it.  It hurts like hell.  Chris is one such trainee.  He is able to take a massive amount of punishment and finding his limit can take time.  This session is no exception ... I will take him to hell and back for you and once I start, there is no out.  He can call me a bastard, he can try to wriggle away, push my hands away, beg me for a break ... none of this is happening.  What's happening is that he is going to take every single last stroke.  Hard caning, belting, carpet-beating.  But even then, he defies me by asking for more strokes - something he surely regrets when I assign him 100 of the cane.  This guy is a great workout.

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Career Motivation

John takes a hard spanking in a gay spanking video made by No Way Out Punishment

John came to me because he had some debts to pay.  Actually to Tom who has also taken a spanking on camera for the first time.  These straight guys get themselves into debt and then they come round and take bare-assed punishment in order to settle their account.  I hope the drinking was worth it because he is about to settle his bar bill.  I am always clear with these types of guys that in order to be paid their fee, they must take a good thrashing.  As he strips down, he looks extremely nervous.  He has no idea that only minutes from now he's going to be biting down on an old sock as I belt his bare ass.  Maybe he will take this as a wake up call and get a proper job.  Brace yourself, John.

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Training the Trainer

Adam takes a hard spanking in a gay spanking video made by No Way Out Punishment

19 year-old Adam is a fitness instructor that answered my ad looking for guys to take punishment.  He came round and it didn't seem clear whether he fully understood what was involved.  I actually did a couple of workouts with him before we got onto talking about male-male punishment.  In the end, I persuaded him that I should train him to take punishment across his bare ass, that it was not unlike a workout, with challenging sets and reps.  Adam has a great ass, a can-do attitude and although he doesn't enjoy what we do at No Way Out, he decides to buckle down and take it for us.  He suffers fantastically, a great mixture of pain and fear on his face as he takes everything I throw at him.  Time to really train the trainer.

Breaking the Gym Shoe In | Muscular Str8 Builder Submits | Keeping Something in the Tank | Bouncing Pegs

Breaking the Gym Shoe In

Chris takes a hard spanking in a gay spanking video made by No Way Out Punishment

Chris has long had a things for gym shoes and although he has taken quite a few in his time, going all the way back to his early youth, he never felt satisfied that he had reached his full ability.  As you know, I am always up for a challenge and so I decided to combine the gym shoe and the cane for a traditional style discipline session.  It is difficult to explain how hard this video is, perhaps better to say that that Chris yelps, screams and bucks around during the very long, systematic application of the gym shoe.  And rather than try to explain the ferocity of the strokes, perhaps it is better to explain that the sole of the gym shoe cracked in half.  I felt bad breaking one of his favorite implements, but he won't forget this session in a hurry.

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Muscular Str8 Builder Submits

Will takes a hard spanking in a gay spanking video made by No Way Out Punishment

Will is a muscular, straight construction worker who reckons he can take it hard for No Way Out. He has one of the best asses I have ever punished - round and very firm. I get him on all fours and I have him stick his ass right out to receive his punishment so we can all get a good look.  It is pretty humiliating for him and I can tell that he is having some second thoughts.  He has never been spanked by another guy and so it's time to introduce him to some hard bare-assed punishment to see how he copes with it.  Hand, paddle, belt.  Man-on-man.  It always surprises me what straight guys will do for a bit of cash, and watching him submit and suffer is worth every cent.

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Keeping Something in the Tank

Jacob takes a hard spanking in a gay spanking video made by No Way Out Punishment

If you watch our videos then you will know that all the guys are pushed to the very edge of their ability to take.  It is time to see how Jacob deals with a longer, absolutely rock hard session with my belt.  This is a real test of his ability.  He is made to count out the strokes loudly and proudly, his gasps and pleas for leniency ignored.  I give him plenty of encouragement but I make it clear that I want him to endure what I am throwing at him and to make me proud.  That belt cracks down with considerable power again and again and again.  What Jacob does not know is that while the strokes are very hard, they are not my hardest.  I have kept something back and so when I unleash it, there are screams and gasps of disbelief.  I push him to his very limit time and time again.

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Bouncing Pegs

Ben takes a hard spanking in a gay spanking video made by No Way Out Punishment

What hurts more than hard CP? Not much when I am doing the belting, but I like to challenge Ben to something new and different each time I train him.  So I decided to peg his balls too, just for fun. He has 6 painful pegs attached to his balls and then I slowly take off my belt and beat his bare ass hard with it.  Ben does his best to maintain his dignity, tries his best to take each stroke like a man, but he learns that backchat is not advisable when your ass is literally on the block.  Man, I love watching those pegs bounce and jostle as the belt cracks down again ... and again ... and again.

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