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Hot Straight and Working Hard For YOU

I like to think that I know what you enjoy to watch … what kind of punishment videos get you off.

When Zach turned up, I felt like ringing a fucking bell. LOOK WHAT I FOUND.

I couldn’t wait to get him stripped off, bent over and thrashed for you all to see.

Zach is very (very) straight and quite serious, the strong silent type. But inside, I’m pretty sure he was choking on a panic. You can almost smell the fear on him as he strips off.

I was pretty excited because I know that seeing a hot straight guy thrashed for the first time makes your dicks really hard.

What I've learned in ten years of disciplining men is that it’s not until you start the punishment that you know what they can take.

Spoiler alert : “Zach Takes It Hard For No Way Out” is hard and hot as f*ck.

A Painful Predicament

The video in which Ben is challenged to count out 100 strokes is STILL our best-selling video since the new year.

And so I know your dirty little secret – you like watching GAMES. You like watching guys trying to beat a system? While I beat their ass?

But rather than engaging Ben’s brain, “Brutal Training Challenge” engages his strength. Lift the weights or he’s gonna take it for us … fucking HARD.

And he does really well. At first. Holding the weights up and gritting his teeth. But luckily for us, there comes a time when he just can’t hold on and the weights start to drift downwards.

Shame … because when those weights clank to the floor, the belt starts slicing through the air. And that’s bad news for Ben. But good news for us.

And of course, all he needs to do to have a break is to lift them up again. How hard can it be?

As it happens … F*CKING hard. Haha.