Monday, 29 January 2018

I was more than happy to help out this young soldier ... for a price ...

Benjamin takes a hard spanking in a gay spanking video for No Way Out Punishment

I jumped at the chance to punish this member of the armed services.  He said he needed the cash and I'd be doing him a favor.  He had no idea what was coming.  My goal is to test a guy's limits again and again and to record the action for you.  For me, that is where really exciting CP exists.  On the limits.  Straight guys that have never taken before pose the biggest challenge to get over the bench and within that, military guys are very highly prized.  Why?  Well, while they are taking it, I guess the belt is cutting across several boundaries including submission, dignity, sexuality and humiliation and that must be difficult for a former soldier.  The flip side is that when you do get an army guy on set, like Benjamin, he is fantastic at taking orders, fantastic at obeying them and you can really enjoy watching his physical and emotional journey.  Said another way, he sticks his lovely bare butt out on command and grits his teeth for punishment, humiliating as hell.  It's gonna make you rock hard.

When I told Adam about the SPANKING I wanted him to take for YOU in this video, he tried to negotiate 😆😆😆😆😆😆

  His negotiating skills didn't get him very far!! SEE MORE >>