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I jumped at the chance to punish this member of the armed services for you.

Military guys are PERFECT for what we do here for you at No Way Out because they are often STRAIGHT and very DETERMINED to do what needs to be done … so they’re highly prized.

To take a belting on camera cuts across quite a few boundaries for guys like Benjamin.  While they’re used to taking orders, they’re not used to taking a spanking, a paddling, a belting across their bare ass … from another guy … and not being able to strike back.

So what we have here is both a PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL journey.  He sticks his lovely bare butt out for you EXACTLY when I tell him, grits his teeth and prepares for the HUMILIATION.

"Times Are Hard" is gonna make you ROCK HARD.  He’s got NO IDEA that as he’s gasping and grunting through this, you’re gonna be gasping and grunting through every stroke with him.  HAHA.

Doing Time For YOU

While you enjoy watching a great spanking video, it might be important for you to visualize or keep in mind some sort of CRIME that the guy being punished is being punished for.

Or maybe you don’t think there needs to be a REASON to punish bare ass at all … and you certainly don’t need an excuse to watch it.

At No Way Out, we bring you guys that take more and more punishment, often just for sake of it.  And you get your ROCKS off to it.

But when a guy with a fantastic body turns up … never taken a spanking … with ass cheeks that BOUNCE sooooo perfectly under the belt … and he’s ready to do TIME for his CRIMES …


It’s time to STRIP this fucker down and THRASH him.  It’s time for him to show YOU how sorry he is in "Car Thief Punished".

He’s got NO IDEA what’s coming.  And I’m pretty sure he’s got no idea that you are gonna be cracking one out to his attempts to take EVERYTHING I throw at him.