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When I’m looking for guys to entertain you with their attempts to take punishment, I have a number of things that I’m looking for.  And when I say I’m looking for them, what I really mean is that I know YOU’RE looking for them.

While people obviously have individual tastes with regards to guys, the check list that I run through in my mind is (in no particular order):

1 – A good body and a nice ass
2 – Handsome face / good-looking
3 – Willing to be spanked by another guy even if he is straight
4 – Preferably new to the fetish and new to making movies (a first-timer)
5 – Brings an open mind, willing to do what it takes to please you
6 – Determined to take harder and harder punishment, with repeat visits, if necessary

Now, normally, I’m happy with 3 or 4 of these.  In Brad’s case … he has them ALL.  And I can’t wait for you to see the result in 18 Year-Old Brad First Time Spanked …

Pushing the Limit ... UP

As well as sourcing new guys for you to enjoy, I know you also like to see me dedicate time to my frequent performers and usually, pretty near the top of that list is BEN.

Ben provides a challenge for me, in many ways, because what I want to bring you is something new and exciting, something that really pushes his limits … and mine … which means you have more exciting action and a better orgasm as a result.  Maybe even more than one.

So I’m adding something new to Ben’s thrashing session, pegging out his balls for you before I get into making those cheeks bounce.  I’m really hoping that the pegs shake and ripple with each stroke.
I find that often, the combination of the belt and the grinding sting and burn of pegs, can really mean a great vocal performance and if you know Ben, you will know that he can be on fine form.  His screams really make my cock twitch.

One of the great joys of training Ben is that no matter how bad things get (and they usually get pretty bad), he tries to maintain his dignity and even throws in some back chat.  That always makes me laugh because in his position, it’s best not to question.

Although when he does, it only means it’s time to put him in his place and that means a whole lot more fun for YOU.

This video is STILL our best-seller ... and for good reason, in my view.  Because New Year 100 Challenge is choc-full of fun and games.  Fun and games for YOU, that is.

For those of you that enjoy a 'pre-agreed sentence', this video will appeal.  Actually, it's not so much pre-agreed as pre-decided ... by me.  But I hadn't fully appreciated how difficult it would be for Ben to achieve.

It is only 24th January and so I think you should start your new year by cracking one out to Ben's increasingly desperate attempts to complete the challenge.  He was practically blubbing and begging by the end ...

We've been hand-spanking, belting, caning, whipping, flogging, paddling, prison-strapping bare asses for nearly ten years.

All our punishment sessions are categorized by implement and severity.  I'm pretty sure we have some punishment videos that are gonna make you cum hard.