Monday 6 September 2021

Adam grunts and clenches his way through his spanking session. All part of the TRAINING ...


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Like all good personal trainers, Adam knows that he must be pushed in order to get results.  More sets, more reps.  That kind of thing.  But I know that in order to get Adam onto the next level, I'm going to need to restrain him.  We want cock-hardening suffering and in order to get it, he's going to have to relinquish control.  Restrained and over the bench, Adam is going to deliver a tremendous session of bare-assed punishment and the close-ups of his face and teeth-gritting fear as he takes punishment he never thought he could will have your heart rate pumping, trust me.  Seeing Adam suffer is one of the horniest things I've ever seen.  Absolutely love training this guy for you ...

Hand, Paddle, Belt  - Restrained - Very Hard


When I told Adam about the SPANKING I wanted him to take for YOU in this video, he tried to negotiate 😆😆😆😆😆😆

  His negotiating skills didn't get him very far!! SEE MORE >>