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Only a few of my buddies know about No Way Out Punishment and that I enjoy spanking bare asses hard and recording the action.  One of them - Rich - began to take more than a little interest a while ago and confessed (if that's the right word) that he wanted to see what it's all about.

Of course, I was happy to show him because there was something about Rich that made me confident that he would get a kick out of watching me thrash a guy.  I really wanted to put on a great show for Rich and record the action for you.

The morning he came over, he had a hangover but admitted that he was horny as hell.  So now with Ben restrained and me eager to put on a good performance - you might call it playing to the gallery - you might call it showing off ... but I was going to make damned sure that both Rich and Ben were in for one hell of a ride ... and guess what?  You're invited to watch too ...

Warning : Hard All-Male Punishment