Are YOU brave enough to take a hard, bare-assed SPANKING from me?

Scott takes a hard spanking for No Way Out Punishment
Scott is gonna get it ... hard ...

What Makes A Guy THIS Brave When I'm Beating His BARE ASS?

I was amazed when Scott came back to No Way Out because he really didn't like his first video at all.  He is quite an unassuming type but, as it turns out, very determined.  He came back, knowing that he would be punished harder than last time and the result is a fantastic and teeth-gritting session that really earned my respect.

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I Have An Exciting Challenge For Ben This New Year ... And I Think You're Gonna LOVE IT

I thought it would be fun to challenge Ben to see if he could keep count up to 100 without a single mistake.  Of course, he would have to do this while taking very very hard strokes of the belt.  Turns out, he wouldn't make a good accountant.  But that made for a great, exciting video, so I'm happy.

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This Has To Be One Of The Most Feared Implements I Punish With

Out of all the implements, the bath brush seems to be up there with the prison strap and the cane.  Chris seems to have a great ability to take less usual implements like a gym shoe (or even a carpet beater), but this video is dedicated to his increasing ability to take the bath brush in a variety of humiliating positions.  There's a surprise at the end for Chris.

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Do You Think You Would Be Able To Take This Kind Of Intensity?

Richard takes a severe and sustained hand spanking which is unusual for No Way Out where spanking is often just a prelude to real CP implements.  Without bragging, I spanked the ass off him.  Double-handed strokes pounded down on his bare ass until it was red raw.  There's a surprise at the end for him too.  I love surprises, don't you?

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