Wednesday, 28 July 2021

18 year-old Steve is one TOUGH COOKIE. I think you'll be impressed. Worked things up into a good rhythm and he went the course. I could have cracked my belt across his bubble butt ALL DAY!!


gay spanking videos

A very popular question from people interested in our videos is ... 'What is your best video?'  Well, it's difficult to say without knowing what you like to watch, but what I can say is that our most popular video ever features Steve who has his bubble butt spanked, paddled, belted and caned.  Luckily, Steve has a lot of experience in taking a spanking from his step-father and so it makes for an exciting performance as I find his limit and then keep him right on it.  Steve wows us with how he deals with everything we throw at him and at some points, he must have wondered if it was ever going to end.  I totally lost myself in the excitement of beating Steve's ass and I'm pretty sure you will too.  No wonder this title is our best-selling video ever.  You will love watching this youth getting some sense knocked into him.

Hand, Leather Paddle, Wooden Paddle, Cane - Restrained - Very Hard


I have something disappointing to tell you about our spanking videos ...

  Dear All, I wanted to let you know that unfortunately, rules imposed by Mastercard and Visa on Clips4Sale (the company that runs our store...