Let me show you a little trick I use to REALLY get things going ... ⛈️⛈️⛈️⛈️⛈️⛈️


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This video brings you a powerful display of hard and relentless bare-assed punishment that will make you cum hard.  My supple, brown leather belt cracks down across Ben’s restrained, upturned bare ass cheeks again and again and again and they bounce under the force of each stroke.  Ben screams his fucking heart out in this video for you.  Have you ever wondered what makes a belt really crack across a bare ass?  I apply a fine mist of water over Ben’s hot ass cheeks, and although it gives him some respite, you can feel the rising panic in him.  I have no intention of letting him get comfortable.  It’s time to show you what the belt can do for your orgasm when it’s applied now.  Hear the difference?  Things hot up even more for you when I get the prison strap out.  You’re going to bust your nut hard to this absolutely rock hard, filthy thrashing video.  Yum.