Count them out. LOUD and CLEAR. And I'm sure you've not forgotten what happens if you FUCK UP ...


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We have a big problem. Ben responded to an ad on CraigsList recently which was placed by someone looking for bare ass to punish hard. What he did not realize was that the someone was, in fact, me. Imagine my anger when I received an email from Ben saying that he is looking to be trained. I did not respond. Revenge is a dish best served cold. When I saw him next, once I had restrained him, it was a total shock to him when I put the printed email in front of him and made him read it out. He starts apologizing but it is too late for all that. This betrayal made me very, very angry. Clearly, there is a lot that we need to sort out and Ben is soon going to regret responding to that ad. Quite a bit of verbal in this video and it is not acted. It is real.