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I know that what gets you off is punishment videos that are not only HARD, but more importantly EXCITING.

What do I mean by that?  Well, there are lots of videos out there that are hard … but without the reaction, without the human element, they can sometimes feel a bit ... well … meh.

I want you to watch one of our punishment videos and be like ... that was awesome.  Like you can feel each of the strokes, like you’re on the journey with the guy across the bench.  Like each stroke matters … like it’s YOUR bare ass getting trained.

And so, we have handsome James in Hard Bench Spanking… who is embarking upon his second adventure for you … this time restrained.  I think it’s safe to say that he’s absolutely TERRIFIED, but when the punishment starts, his reactions are so fucking hot that I don’t show much mercy.  It's just too much fun.

His angry and determined suffering will have you panting over load after load … after LOAD.  Let it ALL OUT …

One of the most exciting things about running No Way Out is that new prospects really can come out of the blue.  Prospects that make my heart race a little bit.  Because I know you’re going to LOVE them.
Enter Jacob … 24 years old and literally in town for a day.  And based on the photos he sent, the way that he was talking about No Way Out and how he was looking for something hard … I thought to myself … I HAVE to get this guy around and THRASH the living daylights out of him for you.
He didn’t even hesitate when I suggested THREE separate punishment sessions in ONE DAY.  Well, I wanted to make sure we left him with right impression, right!?  You know, to make it worth our while … I wanted to explore his full range of abilities for you.
I am SO excited to bring you a truly awesome THRASHING trilogy … starting with this very appropriately-named Baptism of Fire.  How Jacob got through this, knowing that it was only the first of three films, I will NEVER KNOW …  You’re gonna crack out to this SO MANY TIMES that you’re gonna be exhausted too …

You like your games, don't you?  Because New Year 100 Challenge is choc-full of fun and games.  Fun and games for YOU, that is.

Maybe it's the sadistic side of your character that allows you to ENJOY something so much at someone else's expense.

This video almost made me feel sorry for Ben.  I say ALMOST.  He screwed up so badly that I was going to let him off.  But then I thought of you watching, cock in hand, on the brink of an even better orgasm if I pushed Ben that bit further.

Sorry Ben ... I had to see this one through to the end.  And what a FINISH ... It's tough at the top, mate.  TOUGH AT THE TOP.

We've been hand-spanking, belting, caning, whipping, flogging, paddling, prison-strapping bare asses for nearly ten years.  All our punishment sessions are categorized by implement and severity.  I'm pretty sure we have some punishment videos that are gonna make you cum hard.  Come in and browse around or better still, reply to this email if you need any help.  Thanks for reading! Jason