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No Escape

Sometimes the beatings I inflict on Ben are quite structured, calculated.  So for example, I might have a specific challenge for him in terms of the number of strokes I want him to take, or I might have a new implement that I want to see and hear him deal with.  But other times, my desire to punish takes over the need to have any particular format and I want to show you something real, open-ended with no escape.  It's just me and Ben in this situation so I see no reason why I shouldn't strip down and get comfortable for this session.  With Ben tied, restrained, legs spread, and a host of implements at my disposal, it's gonna be a long hard session that I'm going to make him beg his way out of.

Soundproofing Tested

James is very animated when taking punishment, each reaction is real but different and so he is exciting to watch - you can feel the fear and anticipation of each stroke filling the air. His movement is more restricted this time, his wrists restrained to the bench and his legs tied together.  He puts a lot more of his energy into holding on tight as he takes what is coming.  You'll really enjoy watching his bouncing cheeks hand-spanked until he screams.  He seems determined to show you what he is capable of taking, he grits his teeth and gets on with giving you what you want, letting all the pain and humiliation just flow out, he really does wear his spanked ass on his sleeve, this guy.  I keep him going for us with some firm words of encouragement.