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Make As Much Noise As You Can Guys

If you are familiar with our videos then you will know we make videos at the harder end of the CP / spanking scene.  But even within our video catalog, there are some that are much more challenging for the guys than others.  The dungeon series really ups the stakes as two guys (Ben and Harry) are restrained in a sound-proofed dungeon for a punishment session which sees canes, straps, belts and paddles rain down on bare asses.  In this third of five videos, I really wanted to work through a lot of different implements and to make them really scream and shout, have them kick up a real fuss.  The thought of putting these two through the mill had my cock twitching with excitement.  Let's go.

Strictly No Outs

I am interested to understand what makes someone need to submit to hard punishment when, in the moment, they really don't enjoy it.  It hurts like hell.  Chris is one such trainee.  He is able to take a massive amount of punishment and finding his limit can take time.  This session is no exception ... I will take him to hell and back for you and once I start, there is no out.  He can call me a bastard, he can try to wriggle away, push my hands away, beg me for a break ... none of this is happening.  What's happening is that he is going to take every single last stroke.  Hard caning, belting, carpet-beating.  But even then, he defies me by asking for more strokes - something he surely regrets when I assign him 100 of the cane.  This guy is a great workout.

Career Motivation

John came to me because he had some debts to pay.  Actually to Tom who has also taken a spanking on camera for the first time.  These straight guys get themselves into debt and then they come round and take bare-assed punishment in order to settle their account.  I hope the drinking was worth it because he is about to settle his bar bill.  I am always clear with these types of guys that in order to be paid their fee, they must take a good thrashing.  As he strips down, he looks extremely nervous.  He has no idea that only minutes from now he's going to be biting down on an old sock as I belt his bare ass.  Maybe he will take this as a wake up call and get a proper job.  Brace yourself, John.

Training the Trainer

19 year-old Adam is a fitness instructor that answered my ad looking for guys to take punishment.  He came round and it didn't seem clear whether he fully understood what was involved.  I actually did a couple of workouts with him before we got onto talking about male-male punishment.  In the end, I persuaded him that I should train him to take punishment across his bare ass, that it was not unlike a workout, with challenging sets and reps.  Adam has a great ass, a can-do attitude and although he doesn't enjoy what we do at No Way Out, he decides to buckle down and take it for us.  He suffers fantastically, a great mixture of pain and fear on his face as he takes everything I throw at him.  Time to really train the trainer.