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His Dad Trained Him Real Good

Steve spent a lot of his youth in Louisiana and in hot water.  His father used to belt him frequently.  When he left home at the age of 18, he found himself in debt – going out and drinking too much.  Now he needs to pay his friends back and that is where No Way Out comes in.  Steve has a great ass for punishment – a perfectly smooth, young bubble butt.  And because he has got a head start in terms of his experience, I wasted no time in teaching him a lesson, pushing his boundaries.  This is a very harsh re-introduction to the rigors of a good hand-spanking, paddling and belting.  The belt cracks across his bare ass and I make him earn every penny, he really suffers.  One of our most popular videos of all time.

A Dish Best Served Cold ... and Hard

I have spent enough time beating Ben’s bare ass for us to have a strong relationship.  In many ways, it gets stronger with each stroke.  But this film was shot at a time when I was genuinely angry with him.  At a time I felt I needed to put him back in his place because he was getting far too big for his boots.  And so we have one of the longest and hardest punishment films we have ever made.  Hard paddles, belts, straps and canes fly through the air for more than 40 minutes.  If that were not challenging enough, I insist that Ben pushes his ass up and out in order to receive punishment - each and every stroke.  He will not get confused as to who is in charge in a hurry.

Spanked Red Raw by Hand

If you think hand spanking is just a light warm-up for naughty bare butts, check out Richard spanked until he ass is red raw.  I have given Richard a good thrashing before, but I wanted to remind him that I do not necessarily need paddles and belts to punish him.  I spank him (both hands at the same time, sometimes), for 25 minutes non-stop until the punishment is so powerful that he is lunging forward on his bench, shouting in pain and humiliation.  It takes a while to get the result I want – an ass that has been hand spanked completely raw.  But I love using the belt so much that I just cannot resist the temptation to lay it on over the top.  Nice and hard, of course.

Str8 Guy Striped Red

Zach is a young Eastern European, ex-military guy - stern, straight and strong.  He has reluctantly decided to submit to No Way Out, to earn extra money.  During the shoot, while he is stripping off for us, he has second thoughts continues and you will be so glad he did.  His body is masculine, some chest hair but when he reveals his ass, I cannot quite believe my luck.  It is perfectly round, smooth, soft and just begging for a hard spanking.  He has never done this type of thing before and so you can see his face as he struggles to come to terms with it, physically and mentally.  He takes my hand, the paddle and the belt long and very intensely for you, jolting and bucking around, cursing and swearing through gritted teeth.  It is pure joy to watch, he suffers fantastically for you and is barely able to look at the camera by the end of his ordeal.