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Back To School

Being trained to take hard CP is like anything that requires dedication - stop practicing it and your ability decreases.  At his height, Ben was able to take almost anything I threw at him.  What's difficult is to keep up the intensity.  What's even more difficult is that first session back in the saddle after a long break.  When I remind him of just how tough it can be to be trained for No Way Out.  It's time to remind him of what the belt, strap and flogger feel like with some restraint to make sure he doesn't chicken out.

Building Up For the Finale

I know that it's important to you that you can get off to our videos.  That there is enough exciting and hard punishment for you to immerse yourself in the action.  Jacob has endured one heck of a spanking across two videos before his third which I knew would be his last.    I really wanted him to go out with a bang.  Or should I say a crack, because for the finale and for a really great experience for you, he endures an all-out caning and bath brush beating.  Watching his ass on fire from the bath brush and then those canes slicing through the air will get you off hard.

You're Not Going Anywhere

One thing that we do prioritize at No Way Out is restraint.  It is amazing what a guy can take when he is restrained - how much he can be pushed beyond his previous limits. A great example is Adam who did well during his first experience of spanking but when restrained, really delivered the goods for you.  Across an afternoon that saw him take punishment across his underwear and on bare, he really shows us what grit and determination can do.  I was very very proud of him.

Filthy Dirty

I like a guy that really fights back during punishment.  Anger, frustration, swearing, pulling at restraints are all very valid reactions to what is, quite frankly, a very painful exercise.  For some people, the more vocal and animated the punishment, the more of a turn-on it is.  If you fall into that category then Richard is a dream come true.  After persuading him over the bench, he's tied down and soon he's right where I want him. What follows is a brutal CP session that pushes his boundaries and which has a good level of interaction - counting, begging, threats and biting down on gags.  Filthy.

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