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Building the Tension

I think the build-up to punishment can really make the actual punishment more exciting.  If I tell a guy that I'm going to spank his bare ass then sometimes it's nice to let him think about that, in bondage, for a good while before I make his fears become a reality.  Certainly, I enjoy sudden and sharp CP that has the guy struggling to understand what is going on, but equally, I like to sometimes let the guy stew in the fear and humiliation.

Tough, Proud but Taken Down

Matt is quite a tough guy and a proud guy.  Which makes it more fun to take him down during his punishment sessions.  He can take hard punishment across his bare ass and has done so on many occasions, but for this film, I wanted him to be witness to his own humiliation.  So while I treated his bare ass to a good prison strapping, I set up a mirror and made him watch his own reactions.  Pretty humiliating stuff.  A good customer of mine recently decided it was his favorite film.  It really is hard and dirty.

Getting Str8 Guys to Present

When I get straight guys round to do videos, I do have to be a little bit careful about what I ask them to do, but I try to do things that are just within their comfort zone but that they would never normally do.  So, for example, with Adam, I thought it would be fun to get him naked and on all fours, up on the table for his punishment.  It was a bit like he was a piece of livestock on show and I think he found it pretty awkward but he took it all for you.  The beating was hard too, and that took his mind off things.

Pump Up The Volume

Birches / switches really sting like hell.  So, I was really excited to see how Ben handled them, to see if I could get some new and different sounds out of him.  And although this is a short video, the quality and intensity of the birching and, importantly, the volume of his reactions made this a really fun video to make.  Not so fun for Ben.