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This Position Leaves Nowhere to Hide

I like to challenge the guys I train for you.  To get them outside their comfort zone both physically and mentally.  In Adam's fourth video, I made him present in a way which I thought he might refuse.  Up on the table, everything on display like a piece of livestock going to market.  And then of course, there was all the spanking he had to deal with too.

How An Athlete Steps Up

Brad is not at all keen on the idea of taking a beating across his (perfectly formed) bare ass.  But he is a trained athlete and as a result, he understands that sometimes you have to just bite down and take it.  In his third video, I am carrying out a pre-agreed punishment on behalf of one of our viewers.  Means that I can ask him to do stuff I wouldn't dare to ask him myself.  Happy days ...

Do You Want to See More of Ash?

Ash got in touch with me last week.  He's keen to do another shoot where he tops another guy.  He's pretty much still against taking a spanking, despite his car thief video and his fantastic, bouncing ass, being one of our more popular videos.  I wonder how much he would need to be paid to do it.  I get the feeling he would top Ben again for very little indeed.  Probably just buy him a beer and he'd be happy.

Watching James Will Turn You On.  Big Time.

I was chatting with a customer the other day and he was telling me how much he enjoyed James's reactions to his punishment.  They're big, bold and hugely entertaining.  Luckily, James came back, too.  I think he was even louder the second time around.  He takes his medicine though.  Works through it, despite how much he hates it.  Good little soldier.