Soldier Takes a Beating | Genuinely Terrified | Marathon Thrashing Session | Gritting His Teeth and Getting the Job Done

John Irish takes a hard spanking in a gay spanking video for No Way Out Punishment
You're gonna do WHAT?

Soldier Takes a Beating

This ex-army Irish guy came round because he thought he'd make some easy money by taking a belting.  Usually, when it's a guy's first time, I build them up a bit,  But in John Irish's case, I decided that I was going to ramp it up and just see if he took it.  So, for a guy that has his ass spanked for the first time, this is really tough.  I think he was genuinely shocked, but he didn't like to complain - maybe he was too proud - so I took advantage of that and put it to him ... hard.

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Genuinely Terrified

I'll be honest - I think great punishment videos have a combination of pain and humiliation.  If you agree then you should check out Jack's second video.  This is a straight guy who is gagged and put over a bench where his underwear is literally ripped off and his bare ass belted.  Jack absolutely hates getting spanked and so he screams the whole way through.  Loads of facial reactions to enjoy.

Jacob was in town for a business trip and had an extra day.  So, rather than planning three separate sessions where they got increasingly intense, I planned a day of punishment for him that lasted hours.  Three back-to-back sections that included spanking, belting, prison strapping, caning.  My goal was to get the most out of him before his ass was done.  Three films and the final caning is awesome.

Paul is a great guy to work with because he has a fantastic body and a "can-do" attitude.  Within reason, he will take whatever I throw at him.  He just wants to get the job done.  He's done two videos for us and recently sent me some pictures of his latest physique (from the gym).  He is in even better shape now and so I would love to get him round and belt him harder - push him further.  It's what we do best.