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Making Each Stroke Count

My aim is to bring you really exciting spanking videos.  Videos that you watch again and again and that feature powerful strokes, real reactions and sessions of a decent length.  During this session, I really wanted to make the belt crack, as if the sound is bouncing off the walls and the sound fills the room.  To do this, I sprayed water on Ben's ass and it really made each stroke count,.  It really made him roar.  I loved it and I think you will too.

Great Qualities in a Good CP Sub

Jed recently contacted me from Australia where he still looks back fondly on the days we spent training him up.  He stood up to the challenge really well, his ass was bruised but he still kept coming back like a good CP sub.  He was full of respect, never complained once and did everything he could to take the beatings that he knew, deep down inside, he needed.

No-one Can Hear You Scream

I don't think there are enough long prison strapping sessions available online.  Sessions that show what real, hard punishment is.  It involves restraint.  It doesn't involve any kind of warm-up.  Officially, it should involve a pre-agreed sentence, but in this case, that seems to have gone out the window.  And with it, any hope that the prisoner is going to get off lightly.  Time to buckle in for one hell of an ass beating.

Your Girlfriend Will Never See This

It is amazing what a straight guy will do for money.  It's almost like he doesn't really realize what's going on until he's gritting his teeth and taking his punishment and by then, he's too proud to admit that it hurts like hell. Watching them go through the psychological journey from tough straight man to guy presenting his bare ass for all the world to drool over is part of the fun.