How NOT To Behave When I'm Spanking Your Bare Ass ...

Ben takes a very hard spanking for No Way Out Punishment
Ben has nowhere to hide

Breaking Ben

Ben is a pretty tough nut to crack and over the years, we have had a lot of backchat and quite a few standoffs in the punishment room.  In some ways I respect Ben for his bravery because in nearly all the cases, he's not in a very strong bargaining position.  Sometimes, he has to do and say things he just doesn't want to do and say.  Because it pleases me.  See Ben reduced to begging in 'Beg Me to Stop'

Offering Himself

Jed agreed (somewhat nervously) to a three-day, intensive schedule of punishments and after breaking him in on the first day, I wanted to see him really submit to me.  To stick his bare ass up and out, really humiliate him.  Then thrash him hard.  See how he copes with it all in 'Jed - Three Days of Hard Punishment - Day 2'

Making Him Cum

After all the punishment Jed took over three days, I wanted him to blow his load all over the floor, ideally at the same time as thrashing him.  It took a while for him to give me what I wanted, but we weren't going to stop until he was completely spent.  See Jed thrashed and drained in 'Jed - Three Days of Hard Punishment - Day 3'

Pant-Ripping Fun

One of my favorite things is to beat a guy, then rip-strip him, then beat him bare.  Such a good way to warm a guy up.  In this video, Ben gets rip-stripped and endures a hard spanking which keeps him guessing and you can feel the tension in the air.  See some rip-stripping and spanking action in 'Football Thrashing Post-Match Training'