Smell the Fear | High and Mighty | Bouncing Buttocks | When One Door Closes

Jack is about to get spanked hard for No Way Out Punishment
Jack would be quaking in his boots ... if he wasn't completely balls-out naked ...

Smell the Fear

The systematic stripping of a guy's underwear along with his dignity is something that I know you enjoy.  To be able to smell, see and hear the fear as he is tied over a bench, legs wide, balls swinging freely.  And Jack has some balls, in more ways than one.  Despite an intense hatred of all things spanking, he is prepared to endure it for the money.  Jack wears his heart on his sleeve and doesn't seem concerned about letting us know exactly how he feels.  He has some lungs on him.  He occasionally resorts to begging and sobs 'I'm so scared' before I go in hard on him for you.  I have a real respect for Jack for taking this kind of punishment because he genuinely hates every second of it.  And I'm sure you'll agree, that's hot as hell.

High and Mighty

My goal is to test a guy's limits again and again and to record the action for you.  For me, that is where really exciting CP exists.  On the limits.  Straight guys that have never taken before pose the biggest challenge to get over the bench and within that, military guys are very highly prized.  Why?  Well, while they are taking it, I guess the belt is cutting across several boundaries including submission, dignity, sexuality and humiliation and that must be difficult for a former soldier.  The flip side is that when you do get an army guy on set, like Benjamin, he is fantastic at taking orders, fantastic at obeying them and you can really enjoy watching his physical and emotional journey.  Said another way, he sticks his lovely bare butt out on command and grits his teeth for punishment, humiliating as hell.  It's gonna make you rock hard.

Bouncing Butt

Searching for the very best asses to punish for you to enjoy takes time and chasing and Ash is no exception.  It took me ages to get him to present his bare ass for us.  Lots of texting, lots of missed appointments.  So, when we finally meet, I want to make sure that we get him stripped down, take a really good look at him, and then make those fantastic ass cheeks quiver and bounce for you when subjected to a variety of different punishments.  The best thing is that Ash has talked a lot about his kick-boxing and how tough he is, but I'm pretty sure that the punishment about to hammer down on his bare ass will make him think differently.  You're going to love seeing him taken down a peg or ten.  I can't wait to show you him dealing with it all.

When One Door Closes

I was disappointed when Ash told me that he wouldn't perform again as a sub because the feedback from you was awesome.  I had looked forward to bringing you a series of harder and harder sessions featuring restraint, different straps, etc.  But just as we were about to part ways, he said to me 'I'd top a guy.'  And just like that, Ash was in training as a top.  In this second, harder movie, Ash continues working through the full variety of kit with Ben.  He seems to favor using the riding crop and the flogger which gets Ben's undivided attention.  But although Ash is improving, he is holding back too much - as you know, Ben can be trained hard.  And so it's time for Ash to raise his game.  Not great news for Ben.  But great news for you.