Thursday, 30 November 2017

This SPANKING Is What You NEED And Now You're Gonna TAKE IT ...

Jonny takes a hard spanking for No Way Out Punishment
Jonny is gonna get spanked hard ...

Moment of Realisation

When it comes to training straight guys that are not used to being spanked, I like to build them up for you towards harder punishment and more challenging bondage.  This not only allows you to fully explore and appreciate their reactions, but it also builds trust between me and the guy in training.  But there usually comes a moment where, after gradual and small, incremental steps that go into the setup, the guy might have a moment of clarity.  Suddenly see himself, tied naked over a bench, about to have his bare ass spanked, paddled and belted by another guy.  He might wonder how he got there, how it came to this.  But none of that matters, or rather he has better things to worry about now ... because for the next 30 minutes or so, it's all about getting through the punishment, dealing with the humiliation of being spanked, the pain and slapping of the paddle, the sting and crack of the belt.  And in Jonny's case, the almost immediate cherry red of his cheeks.  We appreciate everything that Jonny reluctantly endures, probably more than he will ever know.

This Is What You Wanted Isn't It?

I get contacted by a lot of guys that want to be trained.  Some of them seem to think that they can come round and start dictating what I should and should not do.  The thing is, if you want and need to be trained by me then I make the rules.  I have no interest in training a bossy bottom.  For this reason, Sam got a whole lot more than he was bargaining for when he came round for a session.  A little bit jumpy and nervous, I decided that what he needed to calm him down was tight bondage and relentless, bare-assed punishment.  Half an hour later when I was shouting at him to present his ass properly, my foot holding the bench in position as he tries to get away from the onslaught ... that's when I think he realized what it means to be punished at No Way Out.  This one needs quite a bit of training and today he is going to please me even if it takes all day.  Come on Sam. Feet nice and wide, ass up, just fucking take what's coming like a good lad.

Cool Off and Cum Hard

This video brings you a powerful display of hard and gruelling punishment that will make you cum hard.  My supple, brown leather belt cracks down across Ben’s restrained, upturned bare ass cheeks again and again and again and they bounce under the force.  Ben screams his fucking heart out in this video for you.  Have you ever wondered what makes a belt really crack across a bare ass?  I apply a fine mist of water over Ben’s hot ass cheeks, and although it gives him some respite, you can feel the rising panic in him.  I have no intention of letting him get comfortable.  It’s time to show you what the belt can do for your orgasm when it’s applied now.  Hear the difference?  Things hot up even more for you when I get the prison strap out.  You’re going to bust your nut hard to this absolutely rock hard, filthy thrashing video.  Yum.

Your Favorite Videos Right Now

Jacob - Bath Brush and Double Caning

I'm not surprised you guys are cracking one out to the finale of this series of videos.  Jacob takes a huge amount of punishment, he will last monger than you, for sure.

18 Year-Old Steve Spanked to Tears

Steve is finally broken in the most humiliating position.  Plenty of screaming, hard punishment and something a bit like predicament bondage for Steve to endure on top of everything else.  Maybe that was the final straw.

Hard Dungeon Discipline - Part 5

You dirty bastards!  This is definitely the hardest and most filthy thrashing video we have ever made.  And that's why you love it, I'm guessing.

18 Year-Old Steve Crime and Punishment

For relentless punishment of a well-presented bubble butt, look no further than this video.  Punishing Steve really made me realise the advantage of guys being belted in their youth.

Charlie Takes It Hard for No Way Out

Somewhat of a resurgence in interest in this video recently.  Charlie wasn't a huge hit when this video was first released, but he takes it really well and he's a real do-er.  No complaining.  Well, ok, maybe a little bit.


Thursday, 23 November 2017

This Cocky Str8 Guy Thinks He Can Just Apologise ... I've Got News For Him

Adam is possibly in line for a hard spanking for No Way Out Punishment
Adam tries to push 50 presses ...

Crime and Punishment

I know that some of you enjoy hearing what guys have been up to - perhaps things they regret - and taking a nice hard punishment for it.  It helps to get them to bend, because they feel as if there is a reason for it.  That their crimes will be forgiven if they take a spanking across their bare ass.  Even if they don't feel comfortable, you certainly feel comfortable watching them explaining their crimes and then squirming their way through the subsequent, humiliating ordeal.  If they're looking for an excuse to bend, for some sort of redemption, then what I'm looking for and what I know you're looking for too, is a good-looking guy with a great ass, taking it hard for the first time and not enjoying it one little bit.  Tick tick tick.

Time to Perform for You

Adam the gym instructor is back for his fourth visit to No Way Out and this time I have something special for him to endure and for you to enjoy.  I explain to Adam that he is going to have to show us 50 press-ups on the floor, naked.  If he fails to impress me then he is not only going to suffer a considerable ass beating in front of you, but also to suffer the humiliation of being placed like an object on top of the table while he receives the punishment.  It's at the limits of what I would ask a straight guy to do and in the pre-interview, he laughs nervously when I tell him what is expected of him.  I think he's hoping that I am joking.  But this is no joke.  There's nowhere to hide.

The Darkest Hour

They say that the darkest hour is just before the dawn, but in this 5-part thrashing video, the dawn is slightly delayed by my enjoyment of bringing you some of the hardest, longest and most filthy CP action available anywhere.  Long-handled paddles, belts and martinets hammer down on bare asses to screams and shouts which verge on begging at points, but the action doesn't let up.  These two guys are pushed and pushed hard for you.  The only respite is in exchange for a nice, ball-bouncing blowjob before it's back to pounding their asses hard.  There are so many toys to play with that I wasn't sure if the dungeon series would be 5 parts or maybe 10.

This Is What You Need

Chris is able to take a very very hard beating and he is one of the few guys that I train where my ability is tested.  That is, I have to bring my A-game in terms of accuracy, severity and stamina because his limit is very very high.  It's not often I put a suit on to administer CP but I do find that when I do, there's an extra punch to each stroke.  He is going to take a lot of powerful strokes and you can watch him deal with every single one of them.  Only moments later, his legs are kicking to the sound of screaming, wailing and sobbing, trying to cover his ass with his hands.  No Way Out, Chris.  No Way Out.


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