Bubble Butt Pushed to Breaking | Because It Pleases Me | Good, Hard Things Come to Those ... | A Day to Remember

Ben has his underwear ripped roughly from him before being spanked hard for No Way Out Punishment
Ben is rip-stripped ... time for the real punishment to start ...

Bubble Butt Pushed to Breaking

Steve has a great ability to take punishment across his bare ass and he has entertained us by putting his bubble butt on the line again and again.  I wanted to show you his limit because that is where the really exciting footage is made - when a guy like Steve is pushed to the very limits of what he can take and, for the first time, breaks down.  It's the perfect opportunity because Steve has once again been up to no good and so I spell out to him what the repercussions of his behavior will be - namely that he will be punished until he breaks down completely.  And to make sure that the punishment is as humiliating as it is painful, I put him in a very tricky position for him to hold which sees his legs wide apart.  There is nowhere to hide from what is coming his way.

>> see Steve take a hard spanking

Because It Pleases Me

Jed bravely enrolled himself in a three-day marathon of spanking and CP training and you are invited to watch the action.  His skin is as soft as butter and those same soft cheeks will learn to take a huge amount of punishment.  To please me.  To learn respect for my belt.  After being thoroughly spanked over the table and in the humiliating wheelbarrow position, Jed is then belted hard across his bare ass because I am in no mood for joking around.  I want to thrash him hard and I grab his balls and pull them tight, manhandling and repositioning his perky bubble butt in between sets of punishment.  His ass is just begging for a good hard beating.  I have to admit, it is pretty tough for a first session.  You are going to love it.

>> see Jed take a hard spanking

Good, Hard Things Come to Those ...

I love beating Ben's ass.  What I love even more than that is to take my time over it.  There's no rush, is there?  I like to start by punishing him over his underwear, to get me warmed up, get him warmed up ... and to remind him that even with the safety, the protection his little tighty-whities offer, I can get some great noises out of him.  Of course, he is only just beginning to deal with it, to get to grips with the pain when it's time to remind him of that this is No Way Out and we punish on bare.  He seems genuinely shocked and afraid, quite a bit of shouting, as I rip-strip his underwear off roughly.  His ass is in the perfect position for me to start chasing it around the bench with my belt and then a cracking great whooshing prison strap.

>> see Ben take a hard spanking

A Day to Remember

It is hard for me not to get carried away in a dungeon environment.  Long-handled, wooden paddles, belts, whips, straps, vicious multi-caned martinets.  It's all like a red rag to a bull.  Luckily for these guys, there are two of them side-by-side so they are going to have to work as a team to take what I have in store for them.  Perhaps there is some rivalry between them because they are such good subs, taking everything with a mixture of pride and fear.  Pride and fear which soon gives way to delicious screams for mercy.  Now I have them where I want them, I intend to get my money's worth and anyway, the place is rented out for the whole day.  It is a day of truly awesome punishment, rock-hard punishment that I will never forget.

>> see Ben and Harry take a hard spanking