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Steve takes a hard belting, paddling, hand spanking and caning across his bare ass for No Way Out Punishment

Left Right Left Right

Matt puts on an absolutely awesome show in this movie as he puts on his army fatigues and submits to both me and Ben.  Punishment doesn't come harder than in the military where the strokes are powerful but also given with the intention to humiliate, to teach the guy a lesson.  You can feel Matt's determination not to give us the satisfaction we seek, by holding out.  Matt puts up a real fight, a proud fight, but with paddles and then two belts cracking down on his bare ass at the same time (Ben is left-handed) and prison straps standing by, it's incredibly exciting watching Matt's attempts to maintain his dignity as he is challenged again ... and again ... and again.  As he bucks around on the frame, you have to ask - how long until he breaks?  Great to see a real, strong guy thrashed hard.

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Right Where We Want Him

When it comes to training straight guys that are not used to being spanked, I like to build them up towards harder punishment and more challenging bondage.  This not only allows us to fully explore and appreciate their reactions, but it also builds trust between us.  But there comes a moment where, through gradual and small, incremental steps, the guy might have a moment of clarity.  Suddenly see himself, tied naked over a bench, about to have his bare ass spanked, paddled and belted by another guy.  He might wonder how he got there, how it came to this.  But none of that matters, or rather he has better things to worry about ... because for the next 30 minutes, it's all about getting through the punishment, dealing with the humiliation of being spanked, the pain and slapping of the paddle, the sting and crack of the belt.  And in Jonny's case, the almost immediate cherry red of his cheeks.  We appreciate everything that Jonny reluctantly endures, probably more than he will ever know.

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Nowhere To Hide

One of the questions I get asked most often is what our most popular video is.  Of course, one man's trash is another man's treasure, but I am always very confident to recommend Steve and in particular, in his second video.  The reasons for this are that, for me, this video has all the important characteristics of an exciting punishment.  Namely, a good reason for punishment, a young, pert bubble butt, an ability to deal with firm punishment, a good level of reaction and fear, and a great, humiliating position that leaves him nowhere to hide.  Quite simply, this bubble butt endures an afternoon of well-deserved punishment with my hand, the wooden paddle, the leather paddle, the belt and the cane.  The result?  This unruly youth has some sense knocked into him.  No wonder this title is nearly always in our top-seller list.  What more can I say?  It's awesome!

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Ass Up Limit Up

My philosophy when it comes to training guys to take punishment is that they should always take more than they took the last time.  That's why the videos are numbered and so for example, Adam Video 4 is harder or more challenging than Video 3.  I have been training Ben for years and so it's no surprise that Ben Video 48 is both hard and psychologically challenging.  48 would suggest that his limits are pretty high and they are ... but they're not out of my reach.  Surprises and challenges keep Ben guessing in this long and hard punishment session.  It's not every day that I do that with a wet towel and it's not every day that I break a cane over Ben's bare ass.  But pushing him to the edge is what makes things really exciting and that's what I promise to deliver for you.  Hard, exciting videos that take your breath away (and his).  Other than that, Ben's vocal chords are on fine form today!

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