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Ash spanks and belts Ben's bare ass for No Way Out Punishment
Ash spanks bare ass like you might expect a str8 kickboxer to ... HARD

Letting it All Hang Out

Sometimes the beatings I inflict on Ben are quite structured, calculated.  So for example, I might have a specific challenge for him in terms of the number of strokes I want him to take, or I might have a new implement that I want to see and hear him deal with.  But other times, my desire to punish takes over the need to have any particular format and I want to show you something real, open-ended with no escape.  It's just me and Ben in this situation so I see no reason why I shouldn't strip down and get comfortable for this session.  With Ben tied, restrained, legs spread, and a host of implements at my disposal, it's gonna be a long hard session that I'm going to make him beg his way out of.

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Sadist Uncovered

Kick-boxing, ex-jailbird Ash presents a bit of a problem for me because he has a fantastic body and one of the best asses I have ever punished.  But unfortunately, after really struggling through the session where he took a belting, he said there was no chance that he was coming back.  My aim is always to bring you the very hardest and most exciting punishment videos and so I went out on a limb and asked Ash if he would consider topping.  As you know, I do most of that around here, but I also love watching a guy in action.  Ash is all bashful smiles when he is first presented with a bare ass for him to beat, but soon he is getting to know the implements one by one.  It's not long until he looks like he is enjoying himself!

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Pure Gym Pure Pain

I'm a great believer in mind over matter and for those of you that enjoy games and structured discipline (in particular predicament bondage), you will enjoy this video, even if it is at Ben's expense.  The rules of the game are simple ... lift the weights or take a thrashing.  The real attraction of this movie is not only watching Ben suffer as he holds the weights in position, but you can almost hear his mind racing simply because he knows the minute he puts the weights down, something different and arguably worse will take its place.  I can guarantee that his recovery time will be as short as possible and sure enough, back up go the weights, but for how long?  After several sets, it's time to upgrade to the prison strap.  Watch those muscles strain and those cheeks bounce under the lash.

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He Ain't Laughing Now

Handsome 21 year-old Jack came to me because he had spent all his money going to parties and festivals this summer.  He turned up drinking a can of beer and seemed to think that this 'spanking' thing was a bit of a joke.  He was, of course, wrong.  He strips off and you can tell that underneath his cockiness, he feels humiliated and scared ... and he should do, because as you know, getting naked is the least of his worries.  The first stroke of the belt takes his breath away and wipes the smile right off his face.  Spending all that money on alcohol and good times ... he's gonna repay every penny by showing you the belting he can take across his bare ass.  Jack sure has a set of lungs on him!

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