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Str8 Guy Right Where I Want Him

Jack is literally like Jack the Lad.  He spends his weekends in clubs, out chasing girls and generally getting into trouble.  The problem is that by Monday, he is usually broke.  And that's when he has to contact me in order to be rip-stripped, tied down and spanked with a belt.  And the funny thing is that he's always trying to shy away from it which is why the position is important.  I like to get him tied down, legs spread, he hates full-frontal shots but what he forgets is from behind when he's taking his spanking, we can see everything.  There's nowhere for him to hide.

Daily Training

A daily spanking routine is tough to follow because obviously the damage from the previous day hasn't had time to heal and is still tender.  But because time was not on my side with Jed, it was important to hold him to a three-day punishment schedule.  The result was a pretty tough series of sessions that got harder and more humiliating as they went along.  I also didn't let him come until the third session, until he had taken everything I was throwing at him.  Even then, it was on my terms when he finally screamed his load all over the floor.