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This Makes Me Punish Extra Hard

As well as doing CP, I enjoy watching it.  I have a mate who wanted to watch me beat bare ass and so he came round, had a beer and did just that.  It was a great afternoon.  Not for Ben, though.  My mate even had a go with a paddle.  I think I beat harder when I have someone watching me, spurring me on.  Haha.

Why Restraint is Important

Restraint is important because I like guys to be in position when I punish them.  Videos where bare asses move around a lot, squirming, might be for some people, but for me, I like an ass presented well, restrained, usually legs spread.

Breaking the New Guy In ... Hard

Sometimes I get a guy that comes along that has experience of taking hard punishment and just needs me to put him through the mill, find and test his limits.  It's a lot of fun.  He took a real fucking leathering.  The bench kept jumping towards the window, I had to hold it in place with my foot to get the strokes I wanted in.  All in a day's work!