Thra$hing For Ca$h | A Teflon Ass | A New Sadist Is Revealed | Doing Time With The Lash

Thra$hing For Ca$h

It can be a bit of a shot in the dark asking a straight guy if he will consider spanking another guy's ass in return for money.  I make a point of never allowing a guy to do it unless he has done his time over the bench, so that he knows how challenging CP can be.  I don't want a guy that is just going to hit like crazy - I want someone that punishes with a good level of consideration.  When you get an athletic guy such as Ash who is intelligent and thoughtful, you have to just hope that he'll say yes.

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A Teflon Ass?

A guy recently asked me if I preferred starting a session with a 'fresh, unmarked' ass and whether I minded.  The answer is yes, particularly if it's not my work.  I like to start with a blank canvas.  In Jed's case, I expected that not to be an option because he signed up for three days of consecutive punishment.  What I didn't expect was that despite a good thrashing every day, he turned up the next with an almost blemish free butt.  I like a challenge, but seriously - this guys has a Teflon ass!  Bring it on ...

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A New Sadist Is Revealed

I've spoken about the hangover horn before and it was the final push that my mate Rich needed.  He'd been on about coming to watch me punish a guy for ages - always saying he would do it and then backing out at the last minute.  But this one morning when Ben was over the bench,  Rich had been out and he called me up, so horny, and said 'i wanna come watch.'  He was literally trembling with excitement when he arrived.

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Doing Time With The Lash

I like my guys to earn my respect (and yours) with their ability to take and more importantly their ability to learn to take.  To submit.  A bit like when you start a relationship and you stay up all night talking, there is usually a session with each guy I train where there was a step change.  Maybe it was a long session with the belt like I did with Jacob in his second video.  Maybe it's the extra effort a guy made to push his ass out and take what's coming.  Regardless, they've earned their place at No Way Out at that moment.

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