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The Effectiveness of Begging

If you've watched No Way Out films then you might know that I like real reactions and taunting the guys is not out of the question.  The trick is to seek their submission further than just physically, by getting them to verbally submit to you.  Whether it's with general reactions they don't want to give you the satisfaction of hearing or just some nice begging.  Just not sure how effective it us, other than making my cock really hard.

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Adam Right Where I Want Him

I like to bring you videos which have varied positions.  Variety is the spice of life and getting guys into certain positions and seeing how they cope with it is really fun .. and hot.  In the case of Adam, I didn't waste much time getting him into my favorite position and until then, I wasn't sure what his bare ass would look like.  I wasn't disappointed.

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Spanked Red Raw

No Way Out is a producer of 'spanking' videos, to the extent that 'spanking' encompasses all kids of punishment, with hands and implements alike.  Having said that, we don't do as much 'hand spanking' and over-the-knee as other sites because I prefer the harder stuff.  So when I decided to give Richard a good, hard hand spanking, I wanted to make sure I showed you how hard and long a real 'spanking' can be.  Richard better hold on tight!

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Tackling a Real-Life Rugby Player

Whenever I see photos of rugby players, it's a fantasy of mine to imagine disciplining them.  Part of the fun would be to see how such a 'tough guy' would deal with CP, to have all his control removed.  And also because they might find that they're not as tough as they thought.  Enter Jeff - a real actual rugby player, and it's time to make our dreams come true.

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