Luck Can Be Cruel … but Fun | Payback Time for the Handsome Lady's Man | Does Brad Have What It Takes? | What Real Fear Looks and Sounds Like

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Luck Can Be Cruel … but Fun

You seem to enjoy an add element of luck when it comes to punishment sessions.  Sometimes a pack of cards, in this case a dice - determines the number of strokes, making me only the executioner.  The relationship can sometimes change between me and my trainee as a result.  Because the fate of his bare ass is literally in the hands of the Gods.  And as a viewer, it's almost like you're part of the game.

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Payback Time for the Handsome Lady's Man

Most straight guys that sign up for some punishment tend to think that because it's 'gay spanking', it will be easy enough to endure.  If a gay guy can take a thrashing, then surely I can, they think.  It's a lot of fun when they're wrong.  It's my job to make sure they are.  Tom is a good example for you.  He's a pretty confident straight guy, but when confronted with the belt, he soon learns who's in charge.

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Does Brad Have What It Takes?

Brad started out his training in what I would say was a nervous or cautious sort of way.  He took a decent punishment in his first film, but I was really pleasantly surprised when he 'stepped up' to the belt in his second film and took the spanking you all wanted to see.  For his third film, a fan of his suggested the exact punishment and it was fun to see him try to negotiate his way out of it ... and fail.  But did he go the distance?  That's up to you to decide.

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What Real Fear Looks and Sounds Like

The guys we punish at No Way Out are not actors.  I prefer to bring you guys that are 'real' and that are willing to work hard to bring you want.  That's the hot part.  Occasionally, one will ask me - before his session - what he 'should do' during the shoot.  It always makes me smile.  What he should do is get through it and do whatever he needs to do in order to do so.  In Jack's case, the fear he shows is fantastic to watch - a combination of pleading, begging and outright terror.  It almost made me want to remove his gag.  Almost.