A Long Day of Challenges for Jacob | Grit Your Teeth and Think About the Money | Strung Up and Flogged | Strict Suited Discipline

Jacob has a log day of very hard spanking to endure

A Long Day of Challenges for Jacob

Jacob is a very brave young man.  He wanted to be trained in a day.  To improve his ability, to earn the 'very very hard' label and generally take an absolute thrashing.  Unlike so meany relationships that take weeks, months or even years to build, this one started with one hell of a bang.

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Grit Your Teeth and Think About the Money

Of course, some guys have an internal need to be punished and thank God they do because it makes my life so much happier - and you certainly don't seem to mind watching.  But sometimes guys are only in it for the money and the frustration, anger and dogged determination is very hot to watch as the spanking rains down on their bare ass.

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Strung Up and Flogged

There's nothing more fun that stringing a guy up, whipping him across his back and ass before ripping him naked and watching him shake with fear as I turn his bare ass several shades of scarlet.  There's something so exposed and humiliating about being strung up which lends itself to a good hard thrashing.

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Strict Suited Discipline

It's funny how what you wear can make a difference to how you act and feel.  When I wear a suit to punish a guy, what little consideration I have for the guy's dignity goes out the window and what you're left with is very strict, no-nonsense punishment which will get your blood pumping.

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