The Perfect Muscular Ass in (and out of) His Football Kit | CP Interrogation | Nice Work Dad | Scott Takes It Hard

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The Perfect Muscular Ass in (and out of) His Football Kit

For his second video, I asked Brad to bring his football kit.  He has a great body and a great ass and I wanted to show you what he looked like in it.  Of course, he was soon stripped and presented with various physical and spanking-related challenges.  He won't be smiling for long.

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CP Interrogation

CP is a very effective interrogation technique.  It can go on for hours - open-ended - until the information you want is given.  In this case, the information is, unfortunately, the location in the house of a prison strap.  And once Ben gives that information and the strap is found, it's a shame not to take it out for a spin, isn't it?

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Nice Work Dad!

When an eighteen-year-old guy called Steve agrees to take a spanking, it's safe to assume that he will have limits and they may not be that high.  But if his Dad has been training him up for years then actually, it's a dream come true for me and for you.  Just a case of starting where he left off!

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Scott Takes It Hard

You can feel the nerves off this guy.  He channels all his effort into taking the belt across his bare ass when he has no previous experience.  His reactions are a combination of pain, humiliation and sheer determination which is hot as hell.

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