Hottie Playing Hooky; Putting His Ass On the Line; The Effect of Spread Cheeks; This Guy Needs Soundproofing

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Hottie Playing Hooky

I guess building work can be tough - working on a site all day in the cold and the rain.  I'd love to hear the conversation between the guys on the site today.  They're wondering where Will is, wondering why he's called in sick.  I wonder if they'll ever know the real truth about where Will is ... and what he's doing ...

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Putting His Ass On the Line

There is a psychological barrier that has to be overcome when it comes to bondage.  It's to simply relinquish control and to allow someone else to call the shots.  That's hard, but it's even harder when it's another guy and his intention is to turn your nice pale ass red raw.

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The Effect of Spread Cheeks

The position of a guy's ass can have an effect on how tough the punishment feels.  In the case of some positions, if the legs and therefore the cheeks are pulled apart, it not only makes for a very exposed and humiliating situation, but the taut skin, particularly right in the seat of the guy's ass is really gonna get his attention.

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This Guy Needs Soundproofing

The place where we make our films is pretty much sound-proofed and normally I'm grateful because the sound of the belt cracking down on bare can really make a loud noise.  Sometimes, like in this case, the guy on the receiving end has quite a lot to shout about too.  Haha.

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