A Wake-Up Call for Ben | Predicament CP | Gritty Determination | Wearing My Marks

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A Wake-Up Call for Ben

Fans of No Way Out will know that Ben represents one of our most exciting trainees and he has impressed the world with his ability to take astonishingly hard punishment with awesome reactions.  But sometimes I neglect Ben and his ability to take CP decreases.  The advantage is that training him for the first time after such a break can make for an exciting session that will not disappoint.

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Predicament CP

Many of you will know the term 'predicament bondage' which is when a person is restrained with an option of placing themselves in one of a pair of uncomfortable positions.  Predicament bondage has always intrigued me and I thought that combining it with spanking / CP would be exciting for you to watch.  I don't think I was wrong.

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Gritty Determination

For guys that have never taken a spanking before, I try to look for a sort of steely determination to get the job done because inevitably, taking punishment across your bare ass hurts and it hurts like fuck.  Zach is a great example of someone who brought that determination to his debut video.  He just grits his teeth and gets on with it.  Hot as hell if you ask me,

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Wearing My Marks

One of the things I hear a lot from guys that I train is that they wear their marks with considerable pride.  In the case of Jed, his skin was like a soft, smooth version of Teflon and despite two consecutive days of pretty hard spanking, he wasn't really showing much in terms of damage.  So, knowing that the third session would be our last, I really pulled out all the stops for you to enjoy.  He'll be wearing my mark for quite a while.

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