I Tried and Failed; The Moment Jed Showed Me Real Commitment; See What Happens When I Train the Trainer; How to Deal with Negotiators

I Tried and Failed

If you've seen the videos I make then you will know that I enjoy controlled, hard punishment.  But there's one thing that really gets me carried away ... and that's an audience.  And in this case, I'm afraid it was no exception ...

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The Moment Jed Showed Me Real Commitment

When Jed committed to three consecutive days of hard punishment, I was quite unsure whether he would follow through with it.  After all, it meant reporting to me and I was in Sydney for a short period.  It would have been quite easy for him to just not show up.  He needed to show me that he was committed to his training ...

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See What Happens When I Train the Trainer

There are so many similarities between gym training and CP training.  It's therefore great fun to train Adam because he is a gym trainer - but I'm not sure he's ever done sets and reps like this.  I did give him a chance to prove himself and I think the penalty he paid for failure was fair.  Ok, harsh, but fair.

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How to Deal with Negotiators

It's always the toughest guys that start to negotiate, to reduce the amount of punishment they are going to take.  I listen, of course.  But at the end of the day, it's either a video we can sell or one we can't.  For this ex-army guy, he had to decide whether to walk away or just grit his teeth ...