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The Problem With Brad

I really enjoy spanking Brad and you seem to enjoy watching him.  I built up his ability over three movies, but now we have a situation.  He borrowed some money off me after his third film and disappeared.  Now he's back and wants to work.  I think it might be time to teach him a lesson ... what do you think?  How can we make his return extra special?

Doing the Deed

Sometimes, the best thing is just to get the deed done.  For Benjamin, no amount of delaying or wondering about how much a spanking is going to hurt will actually help him.  He knows that he has an obligation to you and that we make hard, exciting videos and that he's going to have to deliver.  He's got to just strip and grit his teeth.  The result is a very nervous guy and that ... well, it's hot.

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Bouncing Pegs

Ben has amazed us over the years and I don't think I could ever say I would get bored of beating Ben's ass.  Don't think I could be.  But I do like to change it up a little bit every now and again, to keep things exciting for you.  So I pegged his balls and every time the belt landed on his bare ass, they sort of rippled and bounced.  Great fun to watch.

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Chris Shows Us How It's Done

Do you ever get horny after a night out?  Hangover horn, I think it's called.  Anyway, when I'm hangover horned, I like to bring you something extra special to get you off.  Nothing will do but a good, long, hard - rock hard - beating.  And I mean HARD.  And for that, Chris is awesome because he takes CP like a soldier.

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