Achieving Very Very Hard? Str8 Guys Enjoy Spanking Guys? James Ups His Game, Scott Buckles Down, Ben Strips

Str8 Guys Enjoy Spanking Guys?

Ash is living proof that a straight guy can at least enjoy the 'sporty competitive' aspect of administering Corporal Punishment.  It doesn't make him gay, obviously, but I would say he's more than a little bit sadistic!

Achieving Very Very Hard

Jacob was concerned before his shoot about his session at No Way Out, but particularly concerned as to whether he would achieve the "very very hard" status along with the likes of Matt, Ben and Richard.  It was almost as if he saw it as a personal and important goal to accomplish.

I'll leave it to you to decide if he achieved it!  I know what I think ...

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James Ups His Game

I've had some really good feedback from customers this week about James.  His natural reactions and determination are 'sizzling' and I couldn't agree more.  He has really improved since I started training him and he can take a belt now, albeit with a lot of fuss that comes with it in the form of screaming, shouting and banging of fists.  Hang on in there, James.

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Scott Buckles Down

Another straight guy who is willing to grit his teeth and try to rise above it.  Scott has come back to No Way Out for more punishment and this time the level will be raised, as is customary.  How do you think he will deal with that?

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Ben Strips

Ben being naked is hardly news.  If he wasn't naked then how would I spend so long beating his bare ass for you?  The stripping I'm referring to is the stripping of some freshly-cut birch twigs which are then used to thrash him.  Not without an awful lot of noise, I might add.