Training the Trainer | Making Him Wait | Gritting His Teeth for Ca$h | An Initiation to Remember

Training the Trainer

At the gym I go to, they have this day in the year where they raise money for charity by allowing people to challenge their personal trainers to a hard workout.  I know he type of workout I'd like to put some of those guys through.  When I met Adam at my local gym, I couldn't believe my luck when he agreed to be in a film.  He was surprisingly relaxed about it.  As for his "workout", well it was pretty tough, but he did all the reps and sets like a good trainee!  See Adam suffer through the sets in 'Adam - 19 Year-Old Gym Instructor Pushed Harder'

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Making Him Wait

All-too-often, spanking videos can seem as if they are over before they started.  Any type of painful experience can be lessened by 'getting it over with quickly'.  In the case of Paul, I wanted him to have time to think about his punishment, in bondage of course, before I relished each stroke.  See Paul play the waiting game in 'Paul - Time For Your Punishment'

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Gritting His Teeth for Ca$h

Benjamin has known a lot of discipline in his life as he is ex-military/  I have a lot of respect for that and I knew that regardless of how tough he found it, he would just get through what I threw at him.  He needed the money and so he did exactly what I said.  Pretty pleased with the result.  See Benjamin being spanked out of debt in 'Benjamin - Times Are Hard'

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An Initiation to Remember

I got an email recently from someone saying that they had watched all three parts of Jacob's punishment in order now and loved it (they had bought them in reverse).  I would suggest that each of these movies is watched in turn because this amazing amount of punishment was all carried out in one day!  See the trilogy of Jacob's ass beating, starting off with 'Jacob - Baptism of Fire Initiation'

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