Pale Ass Turns Cherry Red, Sam Welcomed No Way Out Style, Cracking CP, Chris Tied and Blistered

Jonny is spanked using a paddle for No Way Out Punishment
Jonny's bare ass reacts quickly to punishment ...

Pale Ass Turns Cherry Red

It's nice to see the result of one's work and it's never more true than when spanking Jonny.  He has the kind of very pale, smooth skin that marks really easily - and he hates this kind of punishment with a passion.  Watching him take it is a lot of fun.  See Jonny go through his second, humiliating punishment in 'Jonny Over the Bench'

Sam Welcomed No Way Out Style

I get a lot of messages from guys that want to take hard CP and when I meet one of them. I like to make sure that they aren't gonna forget their session for a while.  In the case of Sam, I thrashed him long and hard.  I've never seen anyone try to get away when he's tied to a bench, but Sam did a pretty good job of it.  See Sam's ordeal in 'Sam - Baptism of Fire'

Cracking CP

Little game in this one where I really wanted to get the belt and the prison strap to be as loud as possible.  I like the different sounds that each stroke makes and I was interested to know if wetting Ben's ass would mean I could get a louder, sharper crack.  It was a lot of fun finding out that I was right.  See the action for yourself in 'Dangerous When Wet'

Chris Tied and Blistered

Chris takes incredibly hard punishment and this film has a prison theme because the thrashing is hard and open-ended.  His ass is completely destroyed, so this is for people that would enjoy an institutional-style thrashing with belts and straps.  See the damage first-hand in 'Chris - Learning the Hard Way'