Dungeon Realization | Trying Something New | Upping Reps and Sets | Making Him Watch Himself

Dungeon Realization

After a brutal introduction to the delights of the dungeon in the first film, a grim realization sets in for our two victims as they learn that things are only just starting and the punishment is going to be long and hard.  Five films.  And each one will be more challenging than the last.

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Trying Something New

I am full of admiration for guys (straight guys) that are willing to try something completely new and rather than going to work on a local building site, they come round and take punishment across their bare ass.  They don't usually come back again, but just for that short time, we can enjoy watching them adjust to their surroundings and deal with it all.  Great fun.

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Upping Reps and Sets

Most of you may not know that like a gym training regime, I like to increase the extent to which a trainee is challenged.  Adam (a gym instructor himself) is no stranger to the concept of gritting his teeth and buckling down to some extra heavy sets, each with additional reps.

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Making Him Watch Himself

Not only having his bare ass beaten hard with a prison strap, Matt endures the ultimate humiliation by being forced to watch his own punishment in a huge mirror.  Great reactions and filthy hard CP / bondage.

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