Too Cute to Spank? My Hand vs Your Bare Ass, Bite Down On This, Pre-Agreed Means No Outs

Too Cute to Spank?

Jonny came round for punishment and the first thing I noticed was that he had a cute face, just the right amount of concern on it about taking a spanking, especially from a guy.  Next thing I noticed was that his ass was so soft and smooth.  Like he'd never had any kind of punishment.  It went cherry red as he learned just how much he hated what we do at No Way Out

>> Jonny Takes It Hard For No Way Out (Hand, Paddle, Belt - Hard)

My Hand vs Your Bare Ass

Richard is a tough nut to crack as in he can take a really good, hard spanking.  But for some reason, this time, I wanted to remind him just what can be done only with my bare hands.  Although I do love belting guys, I took Richard's ass from blemish free to red raw with a furious hand-spanking that really had him on the ropes.

>> Extreme Spanking Ordeal (Hand, Belt - Very Very Hard)

Bite Down On This

I like to help guys get through their ordeal.  It builds trust and a bond.  Paul really struggled to take his punishment and so I gave him something to bite down on.  Biting down on a sock or a piece of rope helps take the mind off things and I can push him harder for you as a result.

>> Bite Down and Take It (Hand, Paddle, Belt - Very Hard)

Pre-Agreed Means No Outs

I don't often do pre-agreed sentences because those of you who have bought films before, i like to beat an ass long and hard if it needs it and I don;'t like to be restricted.  In the case of Kirk, though, he really wanted to do something pre-agreed and so what else was I to do?  I went in high with the numbers and he reluctantly agreed.  Then it was just a case of tying him down and making each ... stroke ... count.

>> American Football Beating (Paddle, Belt, Prison Strap - Very Very Hard)