Caned to a Great Climax, Getting New Sounds from Ben, Chris Takes Everything and More, Str8 Guys Get Competitive

John is spanked for No Way Out
John knows his buddies are watching his performance ...

Caned to a Great Climax

One of the reasons I started making punishment videos was so that I could make witness more intense and longer punishments.  Sites like Spanking Central have some quite hard punishment, but not enough strokes.  In this video starring Jacob, he takes more punishment than you could imagine - his ass is shredded - and then it just keeps going.  Until we're all done with him.  Not before.

>> Bath Brush and Double Cane  (Very Very Hard)

Getting New Sounds from Ben

I'm used to the sounds that Ben makes when he is dealing with my belt or my strap and so every now and then, it's fun to use a new implement - like these fresh cut switches.  They really made Ben roar in a way that was quite new and exciting.

>> Vicious Rawhide Birching (Very Very Hard)

Chris Takes Everything and More

Chris is able to take extremely hard punishment but is really fun to train because during the punishment, he often kicks up a fuss.  Some more advanced takers can lack reaction which makes for a boring production, but Chris keeps things exciting and very, very fucking hard!

>> Chris Takes a Hard Thrashing (Very Very Hard)

Str8 Guys Get Competitive

Spanking straight guys for the first time is part of the job here at No Way Out (well, someone's gotta do it!!).  What I notice is that the straight guys can get competitive.  Tom is friends with John (pictured) and was referred to me by him.  All eyes are on him and he is particularly nervous about getting naked and whether he is going to be able to take a decent amount of punishment.