Adam is Spanked for the First Time

Adam is spanked for No Way Out
Adam is about to be introduced to what we do at No Way Out ...

>> Adam Punished for the First Time

Adam has made four films with us and we got him to do some pretty crazy things, most of which I really hesitated to ask of a young straight guy.  But sometimes the first time is the best and although it's not his hardest punishment, there is something great about a guy's first time and seeing the way he deals with it all.  Such a handsome guy with a lovely ass.

>> A Sadist in the Making

My mate Rich is in the background during these films because he wanted to watch Ben take a beating and he certainly didn't leave disappointed.  He got very excited and he was involved in the decisions around what implements to use, he had a go himself, and he even sucked my cock.  Not a bad day's work.  Oh, and I thrashed Ben so hard, it almost brought a tear to my eye.  Almost.

>> Taking His Breath Away

Richard (not my mate Richard but my trainee Richard) is great fun to punish because he has these great yelps and gasps of surprise.  His ass also turns a darker shade than most, some great effects of a long belting.  But it's also the first time I use the prison strap on him and let's just say, it takes him by complete surprise.  His reaction is fucking fantastic.

>> In at the Deep End

Sam came round to me because he wanted a real discipline session with someone that was going to push his limits and then some.  He's a little bit jumpy and nervous and it took me a while to get him where I wanted.  Had he not been tied down, he definitely would have run out of the room.  Lucky for me, he was and so I was able to have my way with him.