Gotta Pay Those Bills Even if it Means Getting My Bare Ass Spanked

Where The Dungeon All Started

Although it runs to five parts, one of my favorite episodes of the dungeon series is actually the first one.  For those that have take hard discipline before, they will know that it can be toughest right at the beginning and these guys are subjected to harsh treatment right from the start.  No warm ups, just straight in with belts, straps and evil wooden paddles that really set the tone for what is to come - a grueling workout in the dungeon.  Time to grit those teeth and take it, guys.

Gotta Pay Those Bills

Benjamin came to me because he is in need of cash, plain and simple.  It is always a bit of a gamble, but in this case, it paid off.  Benjamin has a great ass and because he is ex-military, he is great at following orders.  When I ask him to stick his ass out for you, he just does it - no questions, no ifs no buts.  He arches his back and presents for what is a humiliating and hard punishment for any guy to take, but in particular, a straight guy.  Really enjoyed humiliating Benjamin.  Top-drawer, straight ass.

Say Hello to the New Canadian

This Canadian prison strap was a long time coming.  Custom made to my specification, I tracked it through the courier's website and forwarded its progress to Ben.  I wanted to make sure that he knew it was on its way.  Making its way to me and making its way to his bare ass.  He was pretty nervous by the time he was to submit to it.  After all that anticipation, I wanted to make sure that I introduced the strap with a good, hard crack.  I wanted Ben to put on a performance that was worthy of its arrival.  It did not fail to deliver.

Watch Those Cheeks Bounce

This 24 year-old, handsome, muscular straight guy wants to be a top, but before he gets to beat any bare ass, I want to make sure he understands the pain involved.  He is not at all happy with the idea, but soon he is bent over and taking my hand, paddle and belt.  His ass is close to perfection and bounces so fantastically with each stroke.  It really is a joy to watch.  This guy is a bit of a bad boy - in trouble here and there for stealing stuff - and it was great to take him down a peg or three, show him what real punishment is.