Two Tops Spanking One Bare Ass

>> Two Tops Spanking One Bare Ass

At No Way Out, we spank bare ass and we spank it hard.  But one way we can take things to the next level is by finding one left-handed top and one right-handed ... and then beat the same ass at the same time.  The results are pretty awesome.

>> Smooth Ass Turns Pink

It took a while to get Jonny over the bench in his second film because he is a bit like his skin - not made for spanking.  But this doesn't mean we can't enjoy his session.  His ass is pale, very smooth and marks up beautifully.  It's a joy to watch it turn cherry red.

>> Steve Buckles Down

I have been getting a lot of comments about this movie recently and it's experiencing a bit of a resurgence in popularity.  Personally, I love the position that Steve finds himself in, he has a great young bubble butt and he can take a really good spanking.

>> I Decide When You've Had Enough

Sometimes I need to get a really good, hard, long punishment session out of my system.  It's almost like a workout and it's certainly a workout for Ben.  The punishment is never defined - it's open-ended.  The spanking goes on until I feel I've had enough fun, until I've heard enough of him kicking up a fuss - and as this video shows, that can be quite a while.