Two-Handed Power Spanking

Two-Handed Power Spanking

If you think hand spanking is just a light warm-up for naughty bare butts, check out Richard spanked until his ass is red raw. I have given Richard a good thrashing before, but I wanted to remind him that I do not necessarily need paddles and belts to punish him. I spank him (both hands at the same time, sometimes), for 25 minutes non-stop until the punishment is so powerful that he is lunging forward on his bench, shouting in pain and humiliation. It takes a while to get the result I want – an ass that has been hand spanked completely raw. But I love using the belt so much that I just cannot resist the temptation to lay it on over the top. Nice and hard.

His Pain My Pleasure

Punished for yet again failing to keep up with his gym and fitness regime. How hard must his ass be beaten in order for him to change his ways? Were obviously not beating him hard enough. So, to mix things up a bit, we position his ass high up for punishment from both sides and spend some time massaging some oil into his doomed ass cheeks. The increased pain that this causes is remarkable as belts, paddles and prison straps crack down for more than 30 minutes. Jason switches sides frequently, punishing BOTH his ass cheeks hard.

Staked Out For A Beating

Ben is restrained to a wooden bench, stretched out, with his bare ass on display, legs spread wide and forced onto tiptoes as he receives a severe beating across his ass from an aggressive, sadistic top. After a thorough and humiliating examination, the top spanks, crops, belts and flogs the victim. You can see Ben straining to maintain his uncomfortable position in bondage as he tries to deal with everything being thrown at him. As they both work up a sweat, the top strips down to his underwear and just carries on beating. This is hard, merciless corporal punishment.

Muscular Thug Takes On My Belt

A sharply-dressed, suited top strips a restrained, muscular sub before belting him long and hard. No warm up, no switching of implements, the guy is just bent over a bench and belted again and again and again. Each time the belt lands on his bare ass, it jolts and bounces, taking on deeper and deeper shades of red. The top is determined to get good value for money and he just keeps going until the sub is dragged onto the floor, a foot on his back to keep him in position. Maybe he thinks it is all over, but it is far from it. His sore and red cheeks are perfectly positioned for further and more humiliating thrashing at the feet of his master. Well and truly thrashed, belting throughout from start to finish.