American Footballer Needs Spanking Discipline

Athlete Takes Punishment Seriously

18 year-old Brad has the face of an angel and the body of a God. Period. Gym-toned and youthful, his body is incredible. But he saves the best for last as he pulls his shorts down and you get to see his bare ass for the first time. I really think that out of all the asses I have spanked over the years, Brad really does come out on top. This is absolutely the first time that Brad has ever got naked on camera. It is like a work of art. Although he admits to enjoying spanking his girlfriend, this is the first time that he has bent over to take bare-assed punishment, man-to-man. I am not going to tell you that this is the hardest punishment. This is No Way Out and that would be a crazy suggestion. But the important thing is that to Brad, it is hard. He struggles through it while he maintains his position as instructed. He really is an absolute joy to watch, simply because he is so new to it all. And I don't think I have ever seen such shapely, pert buttocks. Each time my hand or the paddle strikes them, they bounce back. They are perfection. I really hope that people support Brad because I think he is an absolutely cracking guy and as for his body trust me, you are going to be panting over his bubble butt as it glows red, spanked and humiliated.

Straight Rugby Player is a Screamer

How difficult is it to spank a straight rugby player to tears? Rugby players are known for their ability to endure knocks on the field and Jeff arrived with the attitude that he would be able to take what we dish out here are No Way Out. I like a challenge and I was very happy to show him what real male-male punishment could feel like, both physically and mentally. Even though it was his first film and he had never been spanked or belted before, I decided to go for some good firm restraint to keep him where I wanted him, because I was going to test his limits. For a first session, this was going to be nice and challenging. He held things together well to start with, keeping his dignity, but not long into the session, he started to realize he was in trouble. Big trouble. The onslaught of my hand, paddle and belt brings him close to tears as he screams, yelps and shouts for you as I turn his pale ass various shades of bright red and crimson.

American Footballer Needs Discipline

Jason tops an over-confident amateur American football player with a pre-agreed sentence set at 50 belt and 25 prison strap. He begins by tying down the guy firmly to the table. Having agreed that no paddling would take place because it is humiliating, Jason just cannot resist the temptation once his victim is restrained and uses a few paddles just for a bit of degrading fun. Then it is time for the real punishment and it is going to be hard. Jason does not hold back in dishing out the strokes, making each one count. The guy is soon on the ropes, bucking around, shouting. There is a lot of bruising in this video. A great example of how to really take a guy down.

All in the Roll of a Dice

Jason is teaching Ben a lesson in this film that gambling never pays off. Ben believed one of those roulette systems would work and has lost nearly $500. Stupid fucker is going to be punished with about 500 swats of the paddle. Sets of hard paddle across bare ass are determined by the throw of a dice - a game where the house always wins. Ben struggles through the restrained punishment, calling Jason every name under the sun. Through anger, Jason does not hesitate to beat hard to remind Ben never to do this again. Sets of beatings are vicious and start off with 2s, 5s, 7s and 10s before moving up to sets of 40 and even a teeth-gritting set of 100. Ben screams and protests as 100 hard strokes rain down on his unprotected ass. Jason finishes the session with a horribly hard and sadistic application of the flogger. Bens ass well and truly THRASHED.