Ash Beats Bare Ass Harder

Ash spanks Ben for No Way Out
Ash soon gets used to the idea of belting another guy ...

>> Straight Guy Puts His Bare Ass On The Line

It's not often it happens, but I did feel sorry for Scott.  Here is a guy that came round to earn a bit of extra cash, probably thinking he was gonna take some sort of light spanking and then be on his way.  Not so.  I really put him through the mill and to his credit, he took everything I threw at him.  Great real-life hard thrashing for a new straight guy who is way out of his depth.

>> Matt Humiliated and Prison Strapped

Matt buckles down in front of a mirror with a mop to keep his head up so that he has to watch as the belt and the prison strap cracks down.  He hates to give me the satisfaction of hearing him suffer, but he doesn't have much choice - he grunts and screams his way through the session.

>> Belt Bouncing Off Bare Cheeks

One of the things I love about Ben's ass (and there are many) is that his cheeks are a great shape but also quite firm.  This means that the belt really bounces off them.  Maybe it's because he tenses his buttocks but regardless, I really enjoy putting them through their paces with long sessions that really test his limits.

>> Persuading a Newcomer to Hit Harder

Ash has a fantastic body and I just needed him to use it when spanking a guy.  Initially he was nervous and I understand why - to spank a guy's ass as a straight guy must feel weird.  When I told him to go harder, he was like 'Really?  Can I?'  It was when he realised that he could really lay it on hard that he started to enjoy himself.  He is a sportsman after all, and sportsmen like to succeed, whatever the task in hand.